Roland MH2-10 double-layer mesh drumhead


HK$539.00  HK$639.00

The most popular double-layer mesh drumhead in the world- now also suitable for traditional drums

Roland 's V-Drums dedicated double-layer mesh drum head has completely changed the performance of electronic drums due to its adjustable tension, durability and natural play. Now, our PowerPly series takes this concept one step further. Nine types of mesh drum heads produced by REMO Inc. , ranging in diameter from 8 inches to 22 inches, allow you to modify traditional drums for quiet practice. When used in conjunction with Roland 's RT-30 traditional drum pickup, the PowerPly mesh drum head can trigger the V-Drums sound source, allowing you to practice and experience a variety of different sounds, while maintaining the appearance and performance of a traditional drum kit.


Head Size

MH2-8: 8 inches

MH2-10: 10 inches

MH2-12: 12 inches

MH2-13: 13 inches

MH2-14: 14 inches

MH2-16: 16 inches

MH2-18BD: 18 inches ( for Bass Drum )

MH2-20BD: 20 inches ( for Bass Drum )

MH2-22BD: 22 inches ( for Bass Drum )


Dual Ply

Durability Test by Roland

  • -Snare Drum : After a few days of drumming , the tension rods of single-ply mesh heads needed tightening by a full turn , while Roland ' s dual-ply mesh heads retained most of their original tension.
  • -Bass Drum : Using a kick pedal to hit the mesh heads until they were broken , Roland ' s dual-ply mesh heads lasted twice as long as single-ply mesh heads by other brands.


MH2-8: 100 g ( 4 oz )

MH2-10: 100 g ( 4 oz )

MH2-12: 110 g ( 4 oz )

MH2-13: 130 g ( 5 oz )

MH2-14: 130 g ( 5 oz )

MH2-16: 160 g ( 6 oz )

MH2-18BD: 270 g ( 10 oz )

MH2-20BD: 300 g ( 11 oz )

MH2-22BD: 350 g ( 13 oz )

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