Accessories Roland MH2-8 double-layer mesh drum


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The world's most popular double mesh drum face-Traditional drums are now also available

RolandtargetV-DrumsDedicated double-layer mesh drum surface, due to the adjustable tension, durable and natural feel, completely changed the performance of the electronic drum. Now, oursPowerPlyThe series goes a step further. composedREMO Inc.productive9Kind of mesh drum surface, diameter from8to22Can vary, allowing you to transform traditional drums for quiet exercises. When withRolandtargetRT-30When used with traditional drum pickers,PowerPlyMesh drum faces can be triggeredV-DrumsSound sources that allow you to practice and experience a variety of different tones while maintaining the look and feel of traditional drum sets.


Head Size

MH2-8: 8 inches

MH2-10: 10 inches

MH2-12: 12 inches

MH2-13: 13 inches

MH2-14: 14 inches

MH2-16: 16 inches

MH2-18BD: 18 inches (for Bass Drum)

MH2-20BD: 20 inches (for Bass Drum)

MH2-22BD: 22 inches (for Bass Drum)


Dual Ply

Durability Test by Roland

  • - Snare Drum: After a few days of drumming, the tension rods of single-ply mesh heads needed tightening by a full turn, while Rolands dual-ply mesh heads retained most of their original tension.
  • - Bass Drum: Using a kick pedal to hit the mesh heads until they were broken, Rolands dual-ply mesh heads lasted twice as long as single-ply mesh heads by other brands.


MH2-8: 100 g (4 oz)

MH2-10: 100 g (4 oz)

MH2-12: 110 g (4 oz)

MH2-13: 130 g (5 oz)

MH2-14: 130 g (5 oz)

MH2-16: 160 g (6 oz)

MH2-18BD: 270 g (10 oz)

MH2-20BD: 300 g (11 oz)

MH2-22BD: 350 g (13 oz)

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