Accessories ROLAND NE-1 Noise Eater electronic drum hi-hat stand eating pad




Noise Eater

Blocks natural noise from V-DRUMS

The NE-1 Sound Pad is a small sound-isolating foot pad for use with the kick pads and hi-hat racks of the V-Drums drum kit. It can also be used with the NE-10 Sound Pad (sold separately) as required. . It has a unique rubber buffer structure, which is placed on each foot of the kick pad and hi-hat frame, which can effectively reduce the noise and vibration transmitted through the ground during general performance. When the NE-1 is paired with the NE-10 sound-eating mats under the kick drum and hi-hat pedal, users can play V-Drums to their heart’s content without disturbing their family members or downstairs neighbors.

  • High-efficiency noise-isolating pads for V-Drums Kick Pads, Hihat Racks for V-Hi-Hat models
  • The kick pad of the V-Drums kit and each foot of the hi-hat stand can be used with NE-1s. For maximum effect, place NE-10 sound pads (optional) under the kick and hi-hat pedals. purchase) to use together
  • According to Roland's test data, it can isolate 75% of the noise and vibration transmitted to the floor
  • Allows users to play V-Drums to their heart's content without disturbing family members or neighbors
  • Suitable for drummers who live in buildings, apartments, and buildings above the second floor; also applies to classrooms or practice rooms above the second floor

Noise Eater Technology for V-Drums: Easy solution to noise transmission problems

Roland's innovative noise eater product helps V-Drums to enjoy playing at any time without worrying about disturbing family members or neighbors who are on the wall between the rooms. One of the advantages of V-Drums, especially the patented mesh cloth pads, is that they produce relatively little natural noise, allowing players to use headphones for practice or recording in situations where traditional drums cannot be used. However, in buildings above the second floor, the physical vibrations generated by the drums and hihat pedals will still pass through the floor, making people downstairs feel uncomfortable noise and vibration.
According to the Roland test, the unique isolation of the noise eater series products can reduce the directly conducted noise by 75% compared with the non-use of the noise eater. This is a very big evolution, allowing V-Drums users In situations where noise is a concern, it can be played at any time, day and night.

Compatible models KD-140, KD-120, VH-13, VH-11, or other hi hat stand

* NE-10 (sold separately) must be used.

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