Roland PD-125BKJ mesh percussion drum


HK$3,349.00  HK$3,849.00

The most sensitive mesh percussion drum!

The new induction mechanism provides more accurate pickup and has a cool black appearance. The 12 -inch PD-125BK and 10 -inch PD-105BK mesh drumhead pads feature Roland’s latest dual pickup technology, which can show more even and accurate sensing on the drumhead and frame. It’s also the first mesh percussion drum to be equipped with a frame percussion function on Tom drums— including real " Rim click " the sound of. *

* To use the drum frame to pick up the middle drum, you need to use a TD-20 , TD-12 or TD-9 drum sound generator.

Pad size

12 inches


2 (drumhead Head, rim Rim)


manual, Cable, Beater , Drum lock

Optional equipment

Mesh drum head ( MH-12 )

Size and weight


330 mm

13 inches


420 mm

16-9/16 inches


112 mm

4-7/16 inches


2.8 kg

6 lbs. 3 oz.

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