Accessories Roland PD-128-BC mesh drum face blow drum


HK$3,699.00  HK$4,299.00

There is a new, more elevated drumside sensorV-PAD

Accurately sense drum-side percussion

This one12The mesh drum face strike drum specially developed a new drum edge sensor, withTD-30Drum source host, can accurately detect the intensity of dynamic and drum edge percussion depth. This percussion drum has a convertible black chrome color drum shell.PD-128Applies astomDrum with bidirectional bracket for installation.

Strike plate size

12 inch


2 (Drum face.)Head, Drum edgeRim)

The diameter of the bracket is acceptable

9.0 reach11.5 mm (3/8 to 1/2 inches)

The length of the tube that can be used

22.2 mm (7/8 )



The connector

Drum lock

Shop for equipment

Strike plate bracket (MDHSeries)

Drum racks (MDSSeries)

Size and weight

wide (W)

358 mm

14-1/8 inches

deep (D)

368 mm

14-1/2 inches

high (H)

117 mm

4-5/8 inches


3.4 kg

7 lbs. 8 oz.

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