Accessories Roland PDX-6 Mesh Drum Head Percussion Drum


HK$1,559.00  HK$1,889.00

The most suitable V-PAD for simple drum kits

PDX-6 is the smallest Roland mesh drum head drum. Originally designed to be used in the TD-4KX middle drum, its 6.5 -inch mesh drumhead and 8 -inch drum rim provide dual pickup functions !

Pad size

6.5 inch


2 (drum head, Drum rim)


Connection line

Drum lock


Optional equipment

Mesh drumhead ( MH-8 )

Percussion Pad Bracket (MDH Series)

Drum stand ( MDS series)

Size and weight

width ( W )

227 mm

8-15/16 inches

deep ( D )

286 mm

11-5/16 inches

high ( H )

64 mm

2-1/2 inches


1.1 kg

2 lbs 7oz.

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