Roland rp-302 digital piano


HK$10,880.00  HK$13,980.00

Compact and affordable home piano, built-in a variety of training aids

A good piano can be the center of your family. It's important to choose a model that suits your home style, budget and desire. The new Roland rp302 It's your ideal first piano - and it can support your continuous progress. This digital piano provides a variety of practical practice assistance functions, including a large number of built-in music library and Etudes, metronome and recording functions, and USB connectivity. The best thing is that Roland's digital piano can be used when other entry-level pianos are not enough soon With its dynamic and rich sense of keyboard playing, as well as realistic and delicate timbre performance, rp302 can still meet more stringent requirements. It combines excellent functions, attractive price, and meticulous and durable body. Roland rp302 is ready to enrich your home life for you at any time.

  • A charming and affordable home piano with Roland's award-winning digital technology
  • Super natural piano super real piano sound source shows realistic traditional platform piano timbre
  • Ivory g-keyboard provides excellent sense of play, response and expressiveness
  • Three petal pedal and continuous pedal have the function of continuous pedal movement detection
  • 3D ambience effect allows you to enjoy stereo sound experience when using headphones
  • Rich built-in music library, new scale etudes, metronome and recording function make practice learning more powerful
  • Compact body, space saving, modern black and rosewood
  • Real piano timbre and performance with inspiration

    Equipped with technology from the flagship digital piano, Roland Rp302 makes you always full of music inspiration - whether you are a beginner or a senior pianist. With the help of Roland's supernatural sound source technology, it delivers the full and emotional sound quality of the traditional platform piano. The built-in speaker will make the sound permeate the whole hall space. With your progress, the ivory G-type keyboard can respond to the delicate performance under your touch. It is absolutely moving Piano sound, will let you love!

  • It's light, easy to maintain, and can do exercises at any time

    The traditional piano is not only bulky, but also expensive to maintain. If you want to practice at night, you will be bothered by the neighbors. Roland Rp302 solves these problems for you. The body only weighs 41kg, and two adults can easily lift it. The depth of the body is only 43.2cm, which saves you more space. The advanced digital sound source does not need to be tuned regularly, which saves you time and money. Late at night is often the time of inspiration. Adjustable volume and earphone function allow you to swim in the full and lingering sound When headphones are in 3D sound, you don't have to worry about disturbing neighbors' peace any more.

  • Auxiliary practice function keeps the motivation of piano practice

    It's not easy to keep learning motivation at the beginning of piano learning, but Roland Rp302 is equipped with a variety of functions to make practice more enjoyable. In addition to the traditional piano timbre, there are more than 300 other instrument sounds, so you can get more creativity. The built-in metronome helps to cultivate your sense of rhythm, and the built-in recorder allows you to evaluate your progress. You can play audio files and MIDI files from USB portable disc, so that you can follow your favorite songs from the piano horn Play playing, twin piano mode, you can play tandem or duet with your partner or teacher in the same pitch.

Keyboard 88 keys (Ivory texture G-type keyboard equipped with escapement) touch sensitivity touch strength: 5 kinds, fixed strength keyboard mode full key
Overlapping voice (adjustable volume balance)
Sub key (adjustable sub key point)
Double piano pedal and sustain pedal (with continuous detection performance of pedal action)
Soft pedal (with continuous detection performance of treading action)
Part of the sustain pedal sound source piano sound super natural piano sound source MIDI format compatible with GM2, GS, xglite maximum simultaneous voice 128 voices timbre number Piano: 11 timbres
Others: 305 kinds of timbres (including 8 drum groups, 1 SFX special effect group) stretched tuning 2 kinds (continuous on) standard pitch tuning 415.3 – 466.2 Hz (with 0.1 Hz as the adjustment unit) shift keyboard shift: - 6 - + 5 (halftone) effector loop effect ambience (off, 10 segments)
Brightness (21 segments)

Special for piano timbre:
Sustain resonance
String resonance
Key off resonance metronome speed quarter note = 10 – 500 time 2 / 2, 0 / 4, 2 / 4, 3 / 4, 4 / 4, 5 / 4, 6 / 4, 7 / 4, 3 / 8, 6 / 8, 9 / 8, 12 / 8 Volume 10 segments SMF recorder voice part 1 voice part storage song format standard MIDI file (format 0) songs internal memory: up to 10 songs
External memory: up to 99 notes capacity about 30000 notes control device song selection
Play / stop
sound recording
Turn around
Back to the beginning of the song
Voice silencing
Play all songs
Ready to shoot
Music volume balance speed quarter note = 10 – 500 beat analytic value 120 beats per quarter note audio playback file format: wav 44.1 kHz, 16 bit linear formatcontrol deviceSong selection
Play / stop
Turn around
Back to the beginning of the song
Play all songs
Song volume balance
Center cancelInternal memorySave song formatStandard MIDI file (format 0)songUp to 10 songsBuilt in musicFamous piano music: 69 pieces
Simple piano music: 8 pieces
Czerny: 100 songs
Hanon: 20 songs
Scale: 36External memoryExternal storage mediaUSB portable diskPlayable file formatStandard MIDI file (format 0, 1)
Audio file (WAV, 44.1 kHz, 16 bit linear format)Save song formatStandard MIDI file (format 0)Number of songsUp to 99othermonitor7 segment x 3 LEDKeyboard coverSliding typeOther functionsPanel lock
Automatic shutdownConnection terminalDC in connector
Input port: stereo mini headset
Output port: stereo mini headset
USB computer port: USB type B
USB memory port: USB type A
Phones connector x 2: stereo mini headset, stereo 1 / 4 inch headsetRated output powerRated output power12 W x 2Volume level (SPL)103 dB (measured according to Roland technical standard.)horn12 cm (4-3 / 4 inches) x 2headsetEffector: 3D sound field of earphonecontrol deviceVolume (with speaker volume and headphone volume automatic selection function, with maximum volume limit function)enclosureUser manual
Assembly manual
File "using the unit safe"
AC transformer
Power line (for AC transformer)
Headphone hook
Music standOptional equipment (to be purchased separately)headset
USB portable disk (* 1)

*1. We can't guarantee that all commercially available USB portable disks and USB wireless network cards can be used.Power supplyPower supplyAC transformerElectricity consumption9 W(3–22 W)
9 W: the average power consumption when the piano is set in the middle
3 W: power consumption when the player is not playing
22 W: rated power consumptionSize and weight (including Piano tripod and music stand)wide1,378 mm
54-1/4 inchesdeep423 mm
16-11/16 incheshigh992(H)mm
39-1/16(H)inchesSize and weight (including Piano stand, excluding music stand)widedeephighweightSize and weightwide1,378 mm
54-1/4 inchesdeep423 mm
16-11/16 incheshigh834 mm
32-7/8 inchesWeight (including Piano stand)40.8 kg
90 lbs
*The actual weight may vary slightly due to the actual error of wooden components.

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