Accessories Roland SPD-1P Digital Percussion Pad


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The easiest way to add realistic percussion sounds to your performance

Roland SPD::ONE PERCUSSION is the latest type of digital percussion pad, which allows any musician to add realistic percussion sound in their performances. It has 22 real percussion instrument sounds, including snare and bass drum sounds, hi-hat , cymbal , sand bell, tambourine, etc. You can even import your own audio data into one of the 12 built-in sound libraries . When you are ready to debut, SPD::ONE PERCUSSION is a sturdy and sensitive pad that can be played with drumsticks, hands, or feet. With intuitive controls, you can easily adjust the pickup threshold settings.

The SPD::ONE PERCUSSION, which can be powered by battery or AC , can be used on the floor or on the table, or it can be installed on any drum kit with the built-in adapter. The operation is extremely simple, and it can be easily controlled by musicians without percussion skills; only the four knobs on the control panel, you can change the sound, volume, balance and so on. Whether you are a drummer, percussionist, guitarist, DJ or singer, and you want to add more sound changes to your performance, SPD::ONE PERCUSSION is definitely the simplest and most flexible way.


Instrument tone

twenty two

User sampling

Number of user samples : 1

Sound length : 5 seconds

Data format : WAV ( 44.1 kHz , 16 bits , Mono/Stereo )

Control device

INST knob

[ TUNING ] knob

[ FX ] Knob

[ VOLUME ] knob


[ THRES ] knob

[ SENS ] Knob

[ POWER ] switch


Reverb , Delay

Indicator light

TRIG indicator

Connection terminal

OUTPUT ( MONO ) jack : 1/4 -inch phone type

PHONES jack : Stereo 1/4 -inch phone type

USB port : Micro-B type

DC IN jack



Mass storage device

power supply

Ni-MH rechargeable battery ( AA , HR6 ) x 4

Alkaline battery ( AA , LR6 ) x 4

AC adaptor ( DC9V )


300 mA ( DC IN )

* Estimated battery life under continuous use

Ni-MH rechargeable battery ( AA , HR6 ) :

General use : about 7 hours

Maximum load usage : about 4 hours

Alkaline battery ( AA , LR6 ) :

General use : about 6 hours

Maximum load usage : about 3 hours

* These data may change due to battery specifications, battery capacity, and actual usage conditions.




Installation accessories

Installation screw x 2

Bracket mounting screws ( bolt x 1 , nut x 1 , washers x 2 )

* Allowable rod diameter : 12.7 mm ( 3/8-1/2 inches )

Alkaline battery ( AA , LR6 ) x 4

Optional equipment

AC adaptor : PSA-S series

Personal drum monitor : PM-10

Headphone : RH-300V

Size and weight


140 mm

5-9/16 inches


160 mm

6-5/16 inches


56 mm

2-1/4 inches


900 g

2 lbs

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