Roland TD-11K electronic drum


HK$8,980.00  HK$10,880.00

Adopting SuperNATURAL technology, the TD-11 V-Drums V-Compact series brings a more natural and realistic strike feeling to various drummers. Affordable and simple to use, these new electronic drum kits are perfect electronic drum kits for various applications and occasions such as practice, teaching, recording, live performance, etc.

Drum kit configuration
Drum sound source TD-11 x 1
V-Pad (snare drum) PDX-8 x 1
Pads (Tom 1, Tom 2, Tom 3) PD-8A x 3 * PD-8A is a product specially developed for TD-11K. It does not support side strike techniques.
鑔片CY-8 x 2
鑔片CY-5 x 1
Kick drum KD-9 x 1
Hi-Hat controller FD-8×1
Drum stand MDS-4V x 1 (sold separately)
External trigger input interface 1 (CRASH2)
annex Installation guide
Optional (sold separately) Pad holder: MDY series

Percussion plate holder: MDH series

Personal electric drum monitor speakers: PM-10, PM-30

V-Drums accessory kit: DAP-3X

V-Drums drum blanket: TDM-10
Volume and weight
long 1200 mm (47-1/4 inch)
width 1100 mm (43-5/16 inches)
high 1250 mm (49-1/4 inch)
weight 21.5 kg (47 lbs. 7 oz.)

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