Roland TD-15KV electronic drum


HK$19,880.00  HK$25,880.00

The breakthrough TD-30 V-Drums is the first electronic drum in the history of electronic drums that uses SuperNATURAL technology and Behavior Modeling. Now, the mid-range V-Drums electronic drums continue to use this acclaimed technology, launching the TD-15KV and TD-15K V-Tour electronic drums. These two electronic drums are cost-effective, compact, and can bring flagship SuperNATURAL sound and expressiveness to drummers.

Drum sound source TD-15 x 1
V-Pad (snare drum, tom 3) PDX-100 x 2
V-Pad (Tom 1, Tom 2) PD-85BK x 2
V-Hi-Hat VH-11 x 1
V-Cymbal sling CY-12C x 1
V-Cymbal CY-13R x 1
Kick drum KD-9 x 1
Drum stand MDS-9V x 1 (sold separately)
External trigger input interface 2 (Tailor 2, auxiliary)
annex Drum key, installation guide
Optional (sold separately) Pad holder: MDY series

Percussion plate holder: MDH series

Personal electric drum monitor speakers: PM-10, PM-30
long 1300 mm (51-3/16 inches)
width 1200 mm (47-1/4 inch)
high 1250 mm (49-1/4 inch)
weight 26 kg (57 lbs. 6 oz.)
* Weight includes MDS-9V drum stand
* Does not include kick drum pedals, hi-hat racks and drum stools

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