Roland TD-1K electronic drum


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V-Drums electronic sleeve drum

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Enjoy superior V-Drums quality in learning, practicing, and entertaining

There's only one reason Roland V-Drums is the world's most popular electronic drum product: they've always been the best!
Combining superior sound, true percussion, and durability, the history of electronic drums over the past three decades has proven time and again that every drum set in the V-Drums series is presented to you at the highest level. The compact TD-1K is no exception, continuing V-Drums' usual level with its space-saving design, and this electronic drum will accompany you along the way as your playing skills grow.
Wanting to play drums at home, the TD-1K is the ideal choice for a wide range of highly expressive drum sounds that can be interpreted in a variety of musical styles, plus fun built-in rhythm training and recording to enhance your drumming skills and allow you to check your progress. When you become a user of Roland TD-1K, it's a sign that you've not only embarked on an exciting musical journey, you've also entered the V-Drums family, a group of discerning musicians that includes some of the world's top drummers, percussionists and more.
  • An entry-level drum set with V-Drums' award-winning tone and performance
  • Built-in 15 expressive drum sets allow you to interpret a wide variety of musical styles
  • Supports a variety of traditional jazz drumming techniques, including gripping, high-order hi-hat playing, and more
  • Built-in Coach Rhythm Coach function, metronometer, and recorder and other practical auxiliary playing skills
  • You can use the built-in music practice, or play with music from your phone or music player connected to the Mix In jack
  • The drum-free drum pedal has low noise characteristics and avoids playing noise disturbances
  • Space-saving, ergonomic, stylish look for any room in your home
  • Rugged drum racks allow every drummer, from children to adults, to quickly and easily adjust the appropriate height
  • Advanced performances are available with a variety of upgrade options, including OP-TD1C for crashc expansion, KT-10 or KD-9 for drum upgrades
  • Equipped with a USB-MIDI interface, the TD-1K can be combined with the DT-1 Drum Tutor software, the V-Drums Friend Jam series, and other common computer music software
  • Intuitive user interface, easy to operate

15 drum sets that can play all musical styles

When using traditional jazz drums, you must set up the drum content according to the specific musical style you want to play, so you are also limited to a single type of sound. But using the TD-1K is different, it has 15 high-quality drum group tones built in, so you can use it to play a variety of musical styles, with the touch of a button, you can easily switch from rock and blues to jazz, world music, electronic dance (EDM) and so on. As you practice, you can rock with a strong bass tone, and then immediately change the drum set tone to recreate your favorite orchestra sound. Each drum set completely simulates the reaction of traditional drums and electronic drums, and under this small set of electronic drums, you will be incomparablely rich in change.

Responsive percussion boards and crickets allow you to demonstrate different real-life playing skills

Some drummers worry that electronic drums won't be able to perform as traditional drums, and are discouraged from using them. The Roland TD-1K lets you worry that it fully supports a wide variety of traditional drumming techniques, especially when it's important for beginners to learn how to play correctly.
Unlike other entry-level drum groups, the TD-1K's cygnes have the high-end performance of the TD Series V-Drums source machine, including the surface and edge sounds, and also support the grip of the smouldering sound. Hi-hat is a true reflection of the delicate performance of your stampede, giving your performance a personal style and personality. A good drumming, the key is these delicate feelings, TD-1K is exactly the same.

Keep you interested with built-in fun exercises

There are many interesting features built into the TD-1K that motivate you to learn, whether it's self-study, following a teacher to book and attend classes, or simply trying to hone your skills over the long term. You can use the TD-1K as your drum teacher and dedicated accompaniment orchestra, with practice features that help develop skills, boost motivation, and help you pass the practice time. Playing the drums with the built-in metroncer enhances your beat feel, and using the Coach Rhythm Coach feature helps build your speed stability, endurance, and accuracy. Play the drums with the songs built into the source machine, or you can connect your smartphone or music player via a Mix In jack and play along with your favorite songs for fun. With built-in recording, you can hear your progress right away, and you can quickly capture and play a new passage of your inspiration or rhythmic music.

You can use headphones, drum-free drums to make home practice quieter

The traditional jazz drum volume is very loud. While playing drums at home is fun for drummers, it's annoying for those around you! Quieter performance is the main advantage of electronic drums, through the sound source's headphones and noise reduction design of small drums and drum / tingling percussion board, making the Roland TD-1K is particularly quiet. Many electronic drum beats can make neighbors crazy when they beat a loud drum, and the TD-1K has a special drum-free pedal design that reduces the noise of playing. The optional NE-10 sound pad is placed under a large drum and hi-hat pedal to reduce the noise that is transmitted downstairs.

Hide in the smallest practice space and make personalized adjustments

It's never easy to stuff a huge set of traditional jazz drums into your home. Do you want to find a way to free up a room, or try to squeeze into the living room? The space-saving TD-1K is the most practical choice, with a stylish, modern look that can accommodate even a small home space, keeping your life intact.
The sturdy, ergonomic drum frame can be easily adjusted to set the height of play for everyone, whether used by children or adults.
In addition, the height of each cymbal can also be fine-tuned with the angle of the small drum percussion board, allowing you to adjust to the most comfortable, the most suitable for your playing style of set-up. TD-1K is the perfect choice for students and the ideal choice for playing experienced drummers to practice at home or warm up in the background.

A set of drums that accompany your growth

As your drumming skills become more sophisticated, you must not want your drums to hinder your progress. Roland TD-1K can grow with you, and a variety of accessories will allow your drum set to upgrade with you. You can use the optional OP-TD1C e-cigarette to increase the expansion, or replace it with the KT-10 drum pedal or the KD-9 used by Roland's higher-order V-Drums. Other accessories include NE-10 sound pads, original electronic drum carpets, and PM-03 personal electronic drum monitor speakers, TD-1K is a set of electronic drums that can accompany you for a long time.

With a standard USB cable, you can record on your computer

The TD-1K isn't just fun in itself, it also lets you make music with your computer.
Built-in USB-MIDI interface, with just one USB cable, makes it easy to work with music software without the need for additional hardware. You can transfer your performance to your computer recording software and record a live drum beat to your latest masterpiece.
Alternatively, you can use Roland's free V-Drums Friend Jam series app, use accompaniment music, practice features, and compete with V-Drums users worldwide.
Buy DT-1 V-Drums Tutor software that lets you learn more, a fun and dynamic platform to help you learn drumming and basic drumming skills. Whichever application you choose, the TD-1K is the drum set that will allow you to succeed in making progress.

Simple operation makes the home instantly a rock stage

If you find electronic drums complex, your impression will now be greatly improved, as TD-1K will make drum use easier. The clean design of the control panel allows you to quickly and easily operate all functions, and the LED display and the speed indicator flashing from the metroneck give you a clear view of all the information at a glance.

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