Roland TD-1K electronic drum


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V-Drums electronic drum kit

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Enjoy excellent V-Drums quality in learning, practicing, and entertaining

Roland V-Drums has become the most popular electronic drum product in the world for only one reason: they have always been the best!
Combining the advantages of excellent sound, real percussion, and durability, the development of electronic drums for more than 30 years has repeatedly proved that every drum set in the V-Drums series is presented to you at the highest level. The compact TD-1K is no exception. With its space-saving design, it continues the V-Drums standard. This set of electronic drums will accompany you along the way to the growth of your playing skills.
If you want to play drums at home, TD-1K will be your ideal choice. It has a variety of expressive drum sounds built-in, which can interpret various music styles, plus interesting built-in rhythm training and recording functions to enhance you The drum skills and allow you to check your progress. When you become a user of Roland TD-1K, it symbolizes that you have not only embarked on a wonderful and exciting musical journey, but you have also entered the big family of V-Drums. This is a group with many discerning musicians, including Many extraordinary musicians such as the world's top drummers, percussionists and so on.
  • An entry-level drum kit equipped with V-Drums' acclaimed sound and performance
  • Built-in 15 kinds of expressive drum kits, allowing you to interpret a variety of different music styles
  • Support various traditional jazz drum playing techniques, including holding cymbal muffled sound, advanced hi-hat playing method, etc.
  • Built-in Coach rhythm coach function, metronome, and recorder and other practical auxiliary performance skills
  • You can use the built-in music to practice, or play along with the music from your mobile phone or music player connected to the Mix In jack
  • The bass drum pedal without drumsticks has low noise characteristics to avoid disturbing performance noise
  • Space-saving, ergonomic design, stylish appearance, suitable for any room in your home
  • The sturdy drum stand allows every drummer from children to adults to quickly and easily adjust the appropriate height
  • A variety of upgrade options are available to provide advanced performance, including OP-TD1C for expansion of crash cymbals, and KT-10 or KD-9 for upgrade of bass drums
  • Equipped with a USB-MIDI interface, TD-1K can be used with DT-1 Drum Tutor software, V-Drums Friend Jam series, and other common computer music software
  • Intuitive user interface, easy to use

15 kinds of drum kits, can play all music styles

When using traditional jazz drums, you have to set up the drum kit content according to the specific music style you want to play, so you are also limited to a single type of sound. But using TD-1K is different. It has 15 built-in high-quality drum sounds, so you can use it to play various music styles. You can easily switch from rock and blues to jazz and world music with just one touch of a button. , Electronic Dance Music (EDM), etc. When practicing, you can rock and roll with the powerful bass sound. Then, immediately change the drum kit to reproduce the sound of your favorite orchestra. Each drum kit completely simulates the reaction of traditional drums and electronic drums. Under this set of compact electronic drums, it will bring you an incomparably rich variety.

Responsive pads and cymbals allow you to show different real playing skills

Some drummers worry that electronic drums cannot achieve the expressive power of traditional drums, and they are discouraged from using electronic drums. Roland TD-1K gives you no need to worry, it can fully support a variety of different traditional drum basic playing skills, which is especially important for beginners to learn how to play correctly.
Different from other entry-level drum kits, TD-1K's cymbals have the high-end expressiveness of TD series V-Drums sound generators, including cymbal surface and cymbal edge sounds, and also support cymbal holding muffled sounds. Hi-hat can truly reflect the delicate performance of your pedaling action, bringing your personal style and personality to your performance. The key to a good drum performance lies in these delicate feelings, and so is the TD-1K.

Use the built-in fun practice function to keep you interested

TD-1K has many interesting functions built-in to encourage you to learn, whether it's self-study, follow the teacher to order and class, or simply want to hone your skills for a long time. You can use the TD-1K as your drum teacher and exclusive accompaniment orchestra. The practice function onboard helps you develop your skills, improve your motivation, and help you pass the practice time. Drumming with the built-in metronome can strengthen your sense of beat. Using the Coach rhythm function helps to build your speed stability, endurance, and accuracy. Play drums with the built-in songs of the sound generator, or you can connect your smartphone or music player through the Mix In jack, and play along with your favorite songs, allowing you to experience the fun of group practice. With the built-in recording function, you can immediately hear your progress, and it can also be used to quickly capture and play your inspirational new scene or rhythm section.

Headphones, no drumsticks and bass drums can be used to make home practice more quiet

The volume of traditional jazz drums is very loud. Although playing drums at home is very fun for drummers, it is quite annoying for those around you! Quiet performance is the main advantage of electronic drums. Through the headphone jack of the sound generator, the snare drum with noise reduction design and the middle drum/cymbal pad, the Roland TD-1K is even more quiet. The noise of many electronic drum sticks hitting the bass drum may make neighbors mad. The TD-1K has a special pedal-less design that reduces the playing noise. With the optional NE-10 sound pad placed under the bass drum and hi-hat pedal, the noise transmitted downstairs can be greatly reduced.

Can be hidden in the smallest practice space, and can be personally adjusted

It is definitely not an easy task to pack a huge set of traditional jazz drums into your home. Do you want to find a way to free up a room, or try to squeeze into the living room? The space-saving TD-1K is the most practical choice. It has a stylish and modern appearance, which can accommodate even a small home space, so that your life will not be affected.
The sturdy, ergonomic drum stand can be easily adjusted, whether it is used by children or adults, it can be set to the most suitable playing height for everyone.
In addition, the height of each cymbal and the angle of the snare pad can also be fine-tuned, allowing you to adjust it to the most comfortable and most suitable setting for your playing style. TD-1K is the perfect first choice for students, and it is also the best choice for experienced drummers to practice at home or do backstage warm-ups.

A set of drums to accompany your growth

As you improve your drumming skills, you certainly don't want your drums to hinder your progress. Roland TD-1K can grow with you, and a variety of optional accessories allows your drum kit to be upgraded with you. You can use the optional OP-TD1C electronic cymbal to add expansion cymbals, or replace it with a KT-10 kick drum pedal or the KD-9 used by Roland’s higher-end V-Drums. Other accessories include NE-10 sound pad, original electronic drum carpet, and PM-03 personal electronic drum monitor speakers. TD-1K is a set of electronic drums that can accompany you for a long time.

With a standard USB cable, you can record on your computer

The TD-1K is not only fun in itself, it also allows you to make music with your computer.
Built-in USB-MIDI interface, only one USB cable is needed, and music software can be easily matched and used without other hardware. You can transfer your performance to computer recording software and record a live drum performance into your latest masterpiece.
Or, you can use Roland's free V-Drums Friend Jam series apps, use the in-app accompaniment music, practice functions, and compete with V-Drums users around the world.
The purchase of DT-1 V-Drums Tutor software allows you to learn in depth. The software is an interesting and dynamic platform to help you learn drum scores and basic drumming techniques. No matter which application you choose, TD-1K is a drum kit that allows you to make progress successfully.

Simple operation makes the home a rock stage in an instant

If you think electronic drums are very complicated, your impression will now be greatly changed, because TD-1K will make drum use extremely simple. The clean design of the control panel allows you to quickly and easily operate all functions immediately. The LED display and the blinking speed indicator of the metronome allow you to clearly grasp all the information at a glance.

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