2021 Roland TD-25K Electronic Drum (Set 2)


HK$17,980.00  HK$22,880.00

The Standard Kit already includes the following accessories:

Roland TD-25K Electronic Drum Premium Kit

1. Roland DAP-3X Kit set (original drum chair, drum pedals, drum sticks)

2. Physical HI-HAT Stand

TD-25K is a replacement version of the old model TD-15Kv

TD-25K uses TD-30K's Snare Drum (pdx-100) and center console,

It is the top model among household electronic drums.

Roland TD-25K Mesh Electronic Drum

Product desciption

The TD-25K is an intermediate drum kit that allows drummers who pursue high quality to enjoy the highest-end V-Drums performance at home and in the studio.

Equipped with a sound source engine from the flagship TD-30, TD-25K brings you the performance power of Roland's top V-Drums, which is loved and praised by professional drummers all over the world.

Its smooth operation interface allows you to easily create your own exclusive drum kit, and the built-in audio recording function can record your performance, allowing you to evaluate or share with others.

Other excellent features include a mesh drum pad with a natural percussive feel. The snare drum has position sensing to improve expressiveness. The VH-11 V-Hi-Hat allows you to use the real hi-hat technique to play.

The advanced SuperNATURAL sound source inherited from the flagship TD-30

The sound quality and expressiveness comparable to top V-Drums. A simple and intuitive operation interface that can quickly switch and customize the settings of each drum and cymbal in the drum kit
PDX-100 10-inch mesh drum snare drum, supporting position sensing and rim shot/cross stick playing three mesh drums: two PDX-6 6.5-inch pad mid-drums and a PDX-8 8-inch drum Floor drum
VH-11 V-Hi-Hat can be installed on a standard traditional hi-hat rack, providing more realistic movements and a natural sense of traditional cymbal playing
The CY-12C 12-inch crash cymbal can perform natural shaking motions, has a cymbal edge/surface sensor, and supports choke control; the CY-13R 13-inch ride cymbal can shake naturally during performance and has a cymbal edge/surface/cymbal heart induction
The KD-9 kick drum pad is made of woven drum skin, which has excellent response and stable percussion. It can be played with WAV/MP3 music, and you can record your performance as an audio file and store it on a USB flash drive. Built-in Coach rhythm The trainer function can exercise your drum skills and quickly activate the metronome. It has a dedicated screen, on/off button and speed knob. Equipped with a USB port, it can be connected to a computer for audio/MIDI transmission.
Impeccable sound and performance

TD-25K provides an excellent performance experience, inherited from the flagship TD-30 Roland's SuperNATURAL technology combined with Behavior Modeling.
The sound engine can naturally and flexibly reflect all your performance details, providing dynamic and interactive responses, allowing you to show higher-level musical performance. Whether it is the rim shot of the snare drum, the round drum, the decorative sound and the ghost note, to the strong crash percussion, and the continuous cymbal crescendo to fading performance, every delicate performance dynamic change is extremely accurate and smooth.

Excellent percussion and performance

When you sit in front of the TD-25K, you will enjoy the performance comparable to the high-end V-Drums drum kit.
Fully adopting the legendary V-Drums mesh drumhead pad, the snare drum is equipped with dot position sensing, which can show more subtle and flexible tone changes according to the hitting point of the pad.
Cymbal playing board can show natural shaking action, and support choke muffled sound, crash can show cymbal surface/side cymbal sound, ride cymbal has three sounds of cymbal surface/side cymbal/cymbal heart.

The VH-11 V-Hi-Hat can be installed on a standard hi-hat rack and supports open/closed actions and cymbal surface/side cymbal sound, allowing you to perfectly demonstrate traditional playing skills.

There is also the KD-9 kick drum pad, which provides a natural-touch fabric drum surface and a solid response to the impact.

Call out the drum kit and play immediately

Through the intuitive and neat interface, the TD-25K's sound generator allows you to choose any music style and instantly play great sounds.

Even if you hold the drum sticks, it is as easy to control. The large central turntable allows you to quickly select different drum kits according to the type of music, such as standard drums, rock, jazz, electronic and other drum kits.

After you choose a style, you can also switch between different drum kits by pressing the dial. Next, you can start to show off your drum skills!

Customize your own unique drum kit

TD-25K can easily edit the sound to match your playing style or specific music style. Just hit the pad to evoke its sound, and then use the panel knobs to select the instrument's tone and adjust the tuning, silence, and volume level.

Convenient shortcuts can quickly edit Tom's mid-drums, allowing you to specify the tone and simultaneously change the silence and tuning of all mid-drums. The settings you edit will be saved automatically, without tedious and redundant operation steps.

If you are not satisfied with the last adjustment changes, you can easily undo the restoration and return to the setting state when you first selected the drum kit.

Play along with music and record audio files

Want to improvise with the music? As long as you connect the USB flash drive that stores your favorite WAV/MP3 songs, you can play along with these songs to your heart's content.

In addition to using the normal speed, you can also repeat the passages you want to strengthen the practice, or slow down the playback speed to make it easier for you to learn fast decorative sound performance.

In addition, you can connect a smartphone to the audio input terminal to play with songs in your music library or on the Internet.

The drum sound generator is equipped with a USB port, which provides a convenient connection method, allowing you to directly record audio and MIDI data to your DAW recording software.

Drum kit configuration drum sound generator
TD-25 x 1
V-Pad (snare drum)
PDX-100 x 1
V-Pad (Tom1, Tom2)
PDX-6 x 2
V-Pad (Tom3)
PDX-8 x 1
VH-11 x 1
V-Cymbal Crash
CY-12C x 1
V-Cymbal Ride
CY-13R x 1
Kick Pad
KD-9 x 1
Drum stand
MDS-9V x 1
Other expansion pickup input jacks
Accessory drum lock, setting guide optional equipment (separately purchased)
V-Cymbal: CY-13R
Cymbal Stand: MDY Series Pad Stand: MDH Series Personal Drum Monitor Speaker: PM-10
Stereo headset: RH-300V
Noise Eater: NE-10, NE-1
Optional V-Drums accessory package: DAP-3X
V-Drums original carpet: TDM-10, TDM-20
Size and weight (including MDS-9V, sound generator, bass drum, cymbal, and drum chair)
1300 mm
1200 mm
1250 mm
22.5 kg

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