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The first step into the mix of drums

No two drummers in the world are alike, and each has their own unique style. Getting a sound that you're happy with, let alone finding the right sound for your performance, is critical. However, finding the best fit is often expensive and time-consuming. Easily add more sound to your traditional drums with the TM-1's unique pickup module. Any variety of sounds you like can be added, from the TM-1 's built-in kick, snare, mid drum, cymbal, and percussion samples to your own samples and loops. Simply connect any compatible Roland pickup pad to the TM-1 and play the sound you want, or attach an RT Series pickup to one of your traditional drums for a perfectly synced layer to play your favorites sampling without delay. With the free Mac/Windows and iOS/Android* editing software apps , it's easy to put your custom sounds into the TM-1 . Just connect the TM-1 to your device, open the app , import samples from your database, and adjust the settings as needed. When performing on stage, the TM-1 can be powered from a battery or a power supply with easy foot control via a built-in switch. You can even pedal to mute the sound of the hybrid drum, allowing you to use a pure traditional drum sound in the front section, and then import it in the chorus for a more characteristic fusion drum sound. Today's drummers can benefit from the power of electronic traditional hybrid drums, and the TM-1 is the easiest and most affordable stepping stone.


drum kit


Number of preloaded sounds


user sampling

User samples : 30

Sound length : about 6 seconds / sample

data format

Mac OSX:

WAV , AIFF , MP3 , AAC , Apple Lossless


WAV ( 44.1 kHz , 16/24 bits )


WAV , AIFF , MP3 , AAC , Apple Lossless


WAV ( 44.1 kHz , 16 bits ), MP3

* Requires the app ' TM-1 Editor ' .


7 segments, 1 character ( LED )

control device

[ SENS ] knobs ( TRIG1 , TRIG2 )

[ PITCH ] knobs ( TRIG1 , TRIG2 )

[ DECAY ] knobs ( TRIG1 , TRIG2 )

[ LEVEL ] knobs ( TRIG1 , TRIG2 )


[ MUTE ] switch

[ KIT SHIFT ] switch

[ POWER ] switch

indicator light

Pickup Indicators ( TRIG1 , TRIG2 )

connection terminal

TRIGGER IN jack : 1/4 inch phone type, mono

OUTPUT jack : Stereo 1/4 inch headphone type

* When the Output Setting is set to "MIX" , the mixed sound of trigger 1 and 2 will be output in monaural.

* When the Output Setting is set to "INDIVIDUAL" , each pickup will output to the left and right ( TRIG1: L-Side , TRIG2: R-Side ) respectively. PHONES jack : Stereo 1/4 inch headphone type

USB port : USB type B

DC IN jack



power supply

Alkaline battery ( 9 V , 6LR61 )

AC Transformer ( DC 9 V , Available separately)

Supplied via computer USB port


100 mA ( DC IN )

250mA ( USB )

Battery life under continuous use : about 3 hours

* Varies depending on battery specification, capacity and usage.




Alkaline battery ( 9 V , 6LR61 )

USB type B cable

Optional equipment (sold separately)

AC Transformer ( PSA-S Series)

Traditional Drum Pickup ( RT Series)

Pads ( PD series, PDX series, BT-1 )

Cymbal ( CY series)

Bass drum ( KD series)

Kick pedal ( KT series)

Switch pedal ( DP series , BOSS FS-5U , FS-6 , FS-7 )

Stereo Split Cable ( PCS-31L )

Personal Drum Monitor Speaker ( PM Series)

Dimensions and weight







Weight (including battery)

550 g

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