Accessories Roland TM-1 drum generator


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The first step into the ranks of mixed drums

No two drummers in the world are the same, and each musician has his own unique style. It is crucial to bring up a voice that satisfies you, not to mention finding the right voice for the performance. However, finding the most suitable one is often expensive and time-consuming. Using TM-1 's unique pickup sound generator, you can easily add more sounds to your traditional drums. Any variety of sounds you like can be added, from the TM-1 ’s built-in bass drum, snare drum, middle drum, cymbal, and percussion instrument samples to your own samples and loop phrases. Just connect any compatible Roland pickup pad to the TM-1 and you can play the sound you need, or install the RT series pickup on one of your traditional drums, and you can play your favorite in perfect synchronization. Sampling without delay. Through the free Mac/Windows and iOS/Android* editing software apps , you can easily put your custom sounds into the TM-1 . Just connect TM-1 to your device, open the app , import samples from your database, and adjust the settings as needed. When performing on stage, you can use the built-in switch to easily control the power supply from the battery or the power supply to the TM-1 with your feet. You can even use the foot pedal to mute the sound of the mixed drum, allowing you to use the pure traditional drum sound in the previous section, and then import and use the more distinctive fused drum sound in the chorus. Today's drummers can benefit from the powerful functions of electronic traditional hybrid drums, and TM-1 is the easiest and most affordable stepping stone.


Drum kit


Number of preloaded tones


User sampling

Number of user samples : 30

Sound length : about 6 seconds / sample

Data format

Mac OSX:

WAV , AIFF , MP3 , AAC , Apple Lossless


WAV ( 44.1 kHz , 16/24 bits )


WAV , AIFF , MP3 , AAC , Apple Lossless


WAV ( 44.1 kHz , 16 bits ), MP3

* To be with app 'TM-1 Editor'.

Display screen

7 segments, 1 character ( LED )

Control device

[ SENS ] knob ( TRIG1 , TRIG2 )

[ PITCH ] knob ( TRIG1 , TRIG2 )

[ DECAY ] knob ( TRIG1 , TRIG2 )

[ LEVEL ] knob ( TRIG1 , TRIG2 )

[ MODE SELECT ] button

[ MUTE ] switch

[ KIT SHIFT ] switch

[ POWER ] switch

Indicator light

Pickup indicator light ( TRIG1 , TRIG2 )

Connection terminal

TRIGGER IN jack : 1/4 -inch phone type, monaural

OUTPUT jack : Stereo 1/4 -inch phone type

* When the Output Setting is set to "MIX" , the mixed sound of trigger 1 and 2 will be output in monaural.

* When the Output Setting is set to "INDIVIDUAL" , each pickup will output to the left and right ( TRIG1: L-Side , TRIG2: R-Side ). PHONES jack : Stereo 1/4 -inch phone type

USB port : USB type B

DC IN jack



power supply

Alkaline battery ( 9 V , 6LR61 )

AC adaptor ( DC 9 V , (Sold separately)

Supplied via computer USB port


100 mA ( DC IN )

250 mA ( USB )

Battery power supply time under continuous use : about 3 hours

* Varies depending on battery specifications, capacity and usage conditions.




Alkaline battery ( 9 V , 6LR61 )

USB type B cable

Optional equipment (available separately)

AC adaptor ( PSA-S series)

Traditional drum pickup ( RT series)

Percussion board ( PD series, PDX series, BT-1 )

Cymbals ( CY series)

Bass drum ( KD series)

Kick pedal ( KT series)

Switch pedal ( DP series s , BOSS FS-5U , FS-6 , FS-7 )

Stereo Split Cable ( PCS-31L )

Personal drum monitor ( PM series)

Size and weight


150 mm


95 mm


60 mm

Weight (including battery)

550 g

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