Roland VR-09-B Performance Keyboard


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Waterfall 73 key keyboard, having a retro look attractive style l

The V-Combo VR-730 features high-quality organ, electric piano, traditional piano and synth sounds in a portable design with a 73- key waterfall keyboard. No longer do you need to carry bulky vintage integrated organs, convolution horns, and traditional electric pianos, the VR-730 brings you a selection of tones and authentic playability, all at a lighter weight. The built-in organ responds faithfully to traditional playing techniques, while a selection of classic electric pianos from the RD-2000 stage piano provides unparalleled tone and playability. The neat user interface and directly selectable controls allow you to focus on your performance without the hassle of tedious adjustments and complicated settings. The V-Combo VR-730 is the perfect touring instrument for professional performers, offering versatile, functional sound, and a high degree of portability.



73 keys (semi-weighted, waterfall keyboard with velocity sensitivity)

keyboard mode

full key

Layered Voices (adjustable volume balance)

Split key (adjustable split key point, volume balance)

2-manual/3-manual mode (when you use an optional MIDI keyboard)

source area

sound source

Virtual Tone Wheel Organ (Virtual Tone Wheel Organ)

SuperNATURAL Synthesizer

PCM synthesizer

* Includes GM2 compatible tone.

Maximum number of simultaneous voices

128 voices

Number of voices

Organ ( 3 voices)

Piano ( 2 parts)

Synthesizer ( 2 parts)

Drum ( 1 part)

GM2 ( 16 parts)

number of timbres

268 sounds

Registrations Memory

100 ( 4 x 25 banks )

Effects ( 7 System Continuous On / Overall Control)




Multi-effects: 20 types

Delay: 6 types

Reverb: 6 types

Rotary: 3 types

SMF/ audio file playback area

Playable file format

SMF file : Format 0 , 1

Audio file : WAV , AIFF , MP3

Recording format

SMF file : Format 0

Audio file : WAV ( 44.1 kHz , 16-bit linear , stereo)


recording time

20 seconds (stereo)

Recording / Loadable File Format

Audio File: WAV ( 44.1 kHz , 16-bit linear , stereo o )


rhythm section

52 kinds

control device

Virtual Tone Wheel Organ : Harmonic Drawbars x 10

Synthesizer Controller : Faders x 5

D-BEAM Controller

Portamento / Vibrato Joystick

Effect Knob x 6 (Overall Control)


Graphic LCD 128 x 64 dots

external memory

USB flash drive

connection terminal

Output ( L/MONO , R ) jacks : 1/4 inch phone type

PHONES jack : Stereo 1/4 inch headphone type

EXT INPUT jack : Stereo miniature phone type

DAMPER jack : TRS 1/4 inch phone type

EXPRESSION PEDAL jack : TRS 1/4 inch phone type

MIDI ( IN , OUT ) connectors

PK IN connection terminal : 8-pin DIN type

USB COMPUTER Port : USB Type B (supports USB MIDI )


DC IN jack

power supply

AC Transformer

NiMH rechargeable batteries ( AA , HR6 ) x 8



Estimated battery life under continuous use :

NiMH rechargeable battery : about 5 hours (about 3 hours when connected to a USB flash drive)

These data will vary depending on the battery's specifications and actual usage.

* Carbon-zinc and alkaline batteries cannot be used.



file using the unit safely

AC Transformer

power cable

Ferrite core

Optional equipment

Keyboard stand ( *1 ) : KS-18Z , KS-12

Sustain pedal : DP series

Expression Pedal : EV Series

Pedal seat : PK-9

USB flash drive ( *2 )

*1 When using KS-18Z , please make sure that the height of the unit is one meter or less.

*2 We cannot guarantee that commercially available USB flash drives are compatible with this unit.

size and weight


1 , 215mm

47-7/8 inches



14-7/16 inches



4-7/8 inches

Weight (without AC transformer)


21 lbs 14 oz

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