[Home Soundproofing] The latest version of the room soundproofing decoration strategy in 2023

In modern urban life, the problem of noise pollution is becoming more and more serious, and people pay more and more attention to the tranquility and comfort of the living environment. As a popular demand, sound insulation decoration has attracted more and more people's attention.

This article will introduce the commonly used sound-proof decoration materials on the market, including sound-proof cotton, sound-proof blanket, sound-proof carpet, sound-proof curtain and shock absorber, etc., and analyze them in detail in different application scenarios. Hope it can provide useful reference for your home sound insulation decoration.

1. Sound insulation cotton: high-density and multi-functional sound insulation basic material

1.1 ENA sound insulation + sound-absorbing cotton

ENA sound insulation cotton NE-100 is a high-density sound insulation cotton with good sound absorption and sound insulation properties. The measured sound penetration of this product reaches 15dB, and the sound absorption coefficient is 0.75. In addition, ENA sound insulation cotton NE-100 is fireproof and harmless, very safe and suitable for a variety of construction scenarios.

1.2 Different Application Scenarios

Sound insulation cotton can be designed in different thicknesses and densities according to needs, and is suitable for theaters, cinemas, concert halls and other places that require a good acoustic environment. At the same time, it is also suitable for indoor sound insulation decoration such as sound insulation walls, sound insulation doors, and sound insulation windows.

2. Sound insulation blanket: a sharp tool for the bottom layer to block sound penetration

2.1 ENA Acoustic Blanket

ENA NE-200 sound insulation blanket is mainly used for the ground floor, and can be used together with ENA sound insulation cotton NE-100. It is a high-density sound insulation material that can block sound penetration up to 27dB. This product has good wear resistance and compression resistance, and is suitable for sound insulation treatment of the subfloor.

2.2 Different Application Scenarios

The sound insulation blanket is suitable for home, office, hotel and other places where floor noise needs to be reduced. At the same time, the sound insulation blanket can also be used in building structures such as floors, sound insulation walls, and sound insulation doors to effectively reduce the noise inside the building.

3. Sound-proof carpet: an effective choice for floor noise insulation

3.1 ENA NE-300 soundproof carpet

ENA NE-300 soundproof carpet adds a 0.7cm shock-absorbing and sound-insulating layer to the bottom layer of the carpet, which can effectively reduce the noise and vibration from the ground. Similarly, ENA NE-300 is also fire-resistant and harmless, suitable for a variety of construction scenarios.

ENA SLIENCE Soundproof Curtain

Or soundproof cloth. This product can be used in doors and windows, which can effectively block the noise from outside entering the room. The actual measurement shows that ENA SLIENCE can effectively block 17dB of noise.

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