About Us

"Gobal Brand, Local Touch"

Flight Music was founded in 2007 in Hong Kong.

With innovative and practical thinking,

It has had a profound impact on the small market.

R&D, production and export

Brands Ena, Flight, Sqoe etc.

The main markets for our products are the United States and Australia.

Introducing French OEM acoustic chip Dream,

It drives the market towards intelligence.

Local retail wholesale

In 2008, he joined the imported musical instrument business.

As the first company in Hong Kong to import parallel musical instruments,

Bringing more diverse choices to the market,

It changed the inherent ecology of the Hong Kong market and has an impact to this day.

adult music education

In 2009, he joined the adult music education business.

It is the first company in Hong Kong to develop a mass-selling system.

The cost of learning has dropped, attracting more people to come into contact with music,

Until now, mass sales have become the mainstream of the market.

sound engineering

In 2012, he joined the audio engineering business.

Including orchestra performances, sound engineering, repair and maintenance, rental of musical instruments, etc.

The service areas are Hong Kong and Macau.

Children's Music Courses

In 2014, he joined the children's music business.

Develop Ena-style multi-person learning system, based on exam courses,

The addition of intelligent teaching methods is very popular among parents.

Tuition courses

In 2015, the subject tutoring business was added.

Successfully increased regional visibility,

Feiteng Education, Ena Education, etc. are chain education centers in Hong Kong.

24 hours Band Room

In 2016, the UK’s mainstream 24-hour Band room service was introduced.

It is the first 24-hour practice room in Hong Kong.

Increased flexibility also reduces rehearsal costs,

Later, self-service practice rooms became the mainstream of the market.