[Sound insulation project] Common soundproofing materials - sound insulation cotton, sound absorbing panels, sound insulation carpets, sound insulation doors HongKong

Commonly used materials for sound insulation decoration

different application scenarios

Noise pollution has become a serious problem in modern city life. In order to create a more peaceful and comfortable indoor environment, people began to use various sound insulation materials.

Common sound-proof materials include sound-proof cotton, sound-absorbing panels, sound-proof carpets, and sound-proof doors, all of which have different characteristics and application scenarios.

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ENA sound insulation cotton

High-density sound insulation cotton has the functions of sound absorption and sound insulation. The measured blocking sound penetration reaches 15dB, and the sound absorption coefficient is 0.75. In addition, ENA sound insulation cotton NE-100 is fireproof and harmless, very safe.

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ENA NE-200 Soundproof blanket

This product is mainly used for the bottom layer and can be used with ENA sound insulation cotton NE-100. It is a high-density sound insulation material that can block sound penetration up to 27dB.

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ENA NE-300 soundproof carpet

This product adds a 0.7 cm shock-absorbing and sound-insulating layer to the bottom layer of the carpet, which can effectively reduce the noise and vibration from the ground. Likewise, ENA NE-300 is also fire and harmless.

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ENA SLIENCE Soundproof Curtain

Or soundproof cloth. This product can be used in doors and windows, which can effectively block the noise from outside entering the room. The actual measurement shows that ENA SLIENCE can effectively block 17dB of noise.

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ENA NE-310 Shock Absorber

It is mainly used for the bottom layer of the floor, and can be used to make a shock-absorbing suspended floor. This product is often used in gymnasiums, dance rehearsal rooms, drum studios and other places that need to reduce noise and vibration.

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