ENA 隔音棉,為何是香港五星酒店指定品牌?(附價格比較)

Why is ENA soundproofing cotton the designated brand for five-star hotels in Hong Kong? (With price comparison)


  • 1. Five-star hotel
  • 2. Government public sector
  • 3. School social welfare organizations
  • 4. High-risk occupational places
  • Recommended product: ENA sound insulation cotton
  • Ena Acoustic's soundproof cotton is becoming a quiet revolution in Hong Kong's noisy environment. From luxury five-star hotels to government agencies, educational institutions and high-risk industrial areas, Ena has established its position in the high-end soundproofing market.

    But who exactly is using Ena's soundproofing foam? Why has it become the designated brand for five-star hotels in Hong Kong? Through a comparison of price and performance, we can have a deeper understanding.

    Note: The picture below shows ENA ne-100 double-effect sound insulation cotton

    Click here to view ENA sound insulation + sound-absorbing cotton

    1. five star hotel

    • Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Central
    • W hotel in Kowloon
    • InterContinental Hotel Tsim Sha Tsui

    Note: The picture below shows the guest room of Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Central, using NE-100 120x120cm

    Five-star hotels attach great importance to the guest experience, and one of the key factors is ensuring the tranquility in the room. In busy urban centers, such tranquility is especially valuable.

    Ena's soundproofing foam is known for its excellent sound insulation, effectively reducing traffic noise, city noise and even sounds from the next room. This kind of performance is undoubtedly the best choice for five-star hotels that pursue ultimate tranquility.

      2. Government agencies

      • Hospital Authority
      • Hong Kong Department of Health
      • Immigration Department

      Note: The picture below shows the detention room of the Immigration Department, using NE100 30x60cm

      The government public sector is also an important customer base for Ena sound insulation cotton. Government agencies often need to handle confidential or sensitive information and therefore require a quiet and confidential work environment. Ena's products not only provide sound insulation but also increase privacy, which is essential for meeting and work spaces where a high level of confidentiality needs to be maintained.

      3. School social welfare agency

      • Po Leung Kuk Headquarters Central Building
      • Caritas Hong Kong Headquarters
      • Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

      Note: The picture below shows the Po Leung Kuk headquarters building, using NE100 30x60cm

      Schools and social welfare agencies are also beginning to take note of the importance of good sound insulation. In a learning environment, too much noise may distract students and reduce learning efficiency.

      Ena's acoustic insulation provides an environment more conducive to learning and concentration. In addition, for social welfare agencies that provide psychological counseling and treatment, protecting client privacy and creating a quiet space for dialogue is also crucial.

        4. High-risk occupational places

        • HKPC Laboratory
        • Central Orthopedics Institute
        • Innovation Park Data Center

        Note: The picture below shows the Orthopedic Clinic in Central, using NE100 120x120cm

        High-risk industrial locations, such as factories and laboratories, use Ena's sound insulation products for safety and health reasons. Not only does noise cause long-term damage to employees’ hearing, it can also affect their work performance and safety.

        Ena's acoustic insulation batts provide the necessary acoustic isolation in these environments, thereby reducing the risk of occupational injuries.

        Recommended product: ENA sound insulation cotton

        Note: The picture below shows ENA ne-100 double-effect sound insulation cotton

        Click here to view ENA sound insulation + sound-absorbing cotton

        Among many brands, we particularly recommend ENA sound insulation cotton. This product has the following advantages:

        • Safe and beautiful: ENA sound insulation cotton has undergone strict quality testing, is safe and non-toxic, and has a beautiful and elegant appearance design.
        • Effective sound insulation: ENA sound insulation cotton adopts advanced sound insulation technology, which can effectively reduce noise and ensure your quality of life.

        When choosing to purchase soundproofing cotton and soundproofing panels, it is recommended that you comprehensively consider the advantages and disadvantages of each purchasing method based on your own needs and budget. If you have high requirements for product quality and safety, you can choose to buy it from a musical instrument store or other online purchasing store, such as ENA sound insulation cotton; if you are price-sensitive, you can buy it from a reputable merchant on Taobao, but you need to pay attention to the quality and after-sales service. risks of.

        Frequently Asked Questions Q&A

        1. What is the principle of sound insulation cotton?

        Answer : The principle of sound insulation cotton is that its mesh structure can effectively absorb and disperse sound waves, reducing the spread of sound in space, thereby achieving the purpose of noise reduction.

        2. What is the difference between sound insulation cotton and sound-absorbing cotton?

        Answer : Soundproof cotton is mainly used to prevent sound penetration, while sound-absorbing cotton is mainly used to reduce indoor echo and noise. The two are different in principle and use, but they can be used together in practical applications to achieve better sound insulation effects.

        3. Which materials have good sound insulation properties?

        Answer : Materials with good sound insulation properties include but are not limited to: polyurethane foam, fiberglass, mineral wool, rubber and plastic, etc. Choosing appropriate sound insulation materials can be determined based on actual needs and scenarios.

        4. Are all soundproofing cottons environmentally friendly and non-toxic?

        Answer : Not all soundproofing cotton is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. When purchasing, you need to pay attention to the environmental protection label and inspection report of the product. Purchasing certified soundproofing foam ensures indoor air quality and health.

        5. How does the thickness of sound insulation cotton affect the sound insulation effect?

        Answer : The thickness of the sound insulation cotton is directly proportional to the sound insulation effect. The greater the thickness, the better the sound insulation effect. However, sound insulation cotton that is too thick may cause a sense of oppression in the space. Therefore, it is necessary to properly balance the thickness and the beauty of the space on the basis of ensuring the sound insulation effect.

        6. How to use sound insulation cotton correctly in your home?

        Answer : To use soundproofing cotton in your home, you can first identify the areas that need soundproofing, such as walls, ceilings or floors, and choose appropriate soundproofing materials. During the installation process, ensure that the soundproofing cotton is closely attached to the area to be soundproofed to improve the soundproofing effect.

        7. How long is the lifespan of sound insulation cotton?

        Answer : The service life of sound insulation cotton depends on its material and usage environment. Under normal use and good maintenance, high-quality sound insulation cotton can generally be used for 5-10 years.

        8. Is sound insulation cotton flammable?

        Answer : Sound insulation cotton made of different materials has different fire resistance. Choosing sound insulation wool with a higher fire resistance rating, such as mineral wool, fiberglass, etc., can reduce the risk of fire.

        9. How does sound insulation cotton help improve indoor sound quality?

        Answer : Soundproof cotton can effectively reduce indoor echo and external noise interference, which is helpful to improve the performance and listening experience of the sound system. Appropriate placement of soundproof cotton can improve the sound field and make the sound quality more delicate.

        10. How to maintain sound insulation cotton to maintain good sound insulation effect?

        Answer : Check the status of the sound insulation cotton regularly. If it is damaged or fallen off, it should be repaired or replaced in time. Keep the indoor environment dry to avoid moisture affecting the sound insulation cotton. For sound insulation cotton that easily accumulates dust, it can be cleaned regularly to maintain its sound absorption and sound insulation properties.

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        @Alex: 安裝隔音棉後請問如何清潔? 回答:使用吸塵器,對於表面積灰的隔音棉,可以使用吸塵器溫和吸走表面灰塵。避免使用過硬的刷子,以免損傷隔音棉。

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