The difference between soundproof curtains and sound-absorbing curtains: high-density products achieve dual functions

As urban noise pollution becomes more and more serious, more and more families and places begin to pay attention to the improvement of indoor acoustic environment. Among the many acoustic improvement products, soundproof curtains and sound-absorbing curtains have attracted a lot of attention.

However, many people are not clear about the difference between these two types of curtains. This article will introduce the difference between soundproof curtains and sound-absorbing curtains in detail from the following aspects, and help you choose the acoustic curtains that suit you.

1. The principle of sound-proof curtains and sound-absorbing curtains

First, let's understand how soundproofing and sound-absorbing curtains work.

1.1 Soundproof curtains

The main principle of soundproof curtains is to block the transmission of external noise through dense and thick fabrics. The design of this kind of curtain usually adopts multi-layer structure, and uses special sound-proof materials, such as polyester fiber, glass fiber and so on. In addition, the fabric of the soundproof curtain also needs to have good sealing to reduce the entry of noise.

1.2 Sound-absorbing curtains

The main principle of sound-absorbing curtains is to absorb sound wave energy through a loose material structure and reduce sound wave reflection and echo. The design of this kind of curtain usually adopts the cloth with good air permeability, such as cotton, hemp and other natural fibers. Sound-absorbing curtains can effectively improve the indoor acoustic environment and reduce echo and noise.

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2. Curtain solutions with double effect

Although soundproof curtains and sound-absorbing curtains are different in function, material and structure, there are already some curtains on the market that can achieve the dual effects of sound insulation and sound absorption. ENA SLIENCE fabric from ENA, for example, is such a curtain that combines sound insulation and sound absorption.

2.1 ENA SLIENCE characteristics of cloth

ENA SLIENCE cloth adopts a special multi-layer structure design, which can not only absorb sound waves to reduce indoor echo and noise, but also effectively prevent sound penetration so that it cannot be transmitted from one space to another. This kind of curtain is very suitable for places that need to solve the problem of sound absorption and sound insulation at the same time, such as homes, offices, restaurants, conference rooms, recording studios, etc.

2.2 ENA SLIENCE advantage of cloth

Using curtains with dual functions of sound insulation and sound absorption, such as ENA SLIENCE fabric, can bring higher comfort and quality to your life and work. Such curtains allow you to enjoy the reduction of indoor echo and noise while effectively isolating external noise interference and creating a quiet and comfortable indoor environment. Here are some key advantages of ENA SLIENCE cloth:

  1. High-efficiency sound insulation: ENA SLIENCE cloth has high density and weight, which can effectively resist external sound and reduce sound penetration, so as to achieve sound insulation effect.

  2. Excellent sound absorption: ENA SLIENCE cloth is designed with multi-layer structure, which can absorb sound waves, reduce indoor echo and noise, and improve indoor acoustic quality.

  3. Excellent shading performance: ENA SLIENCE fabric also has good shading performance, which can block external light sources, allowing you to enjoy a more comfortable sleeping environment.

  4. Environmentally friendly material: ENA SLIENCE cloth is made of environmentally friendly and non-polluting materials, which are harmless to the human body and are suitable for use in various places such as homes and offices.

  5. EASY INSTALLATION AND CLEANING: The ENA SLIENCE cloth is easy to install and can be done without a professional. In addition, the curtains are easy to remove and wash for daily maintenance.

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    3. Precautions for purchasing

    When purchasing soundproof curtains or sound-absorbing curtains, the following factors should be considered:

    3.1 Material

    When choosing soundproof curtains, heavy and dense fabrics, such as velvet and suede, should be given priority. In addition, it will be more effective to choose curtains with special sound-proofing materials in the inner layer. For sound-absorbing curtains, it is better to choose soft and loose fiber materials with good sound-absorbing properties, such as polyester and hemp.

    3.2 Dimensions

    In order to ensure that the curtains will adequately cover the windows, make sure that the curtains are slightly larger than the window when purchasing. At the same time, the up and down extension of the curtains should also be sufficient to reduce the possibility of noise penetration.

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