Effectiveness of Acoustic Cloth for Curtains: Surprising Results

In today's busy city life, noise pollution is a growing concern. In order to create a quiet and comfortable living environment, more and more people choose to use soundproof curtains.

But is it really effective to use soundproof cloth for curtains? This article will reveal to you the measured results, surprising facts.

1. Patent and certification of sound insulation cloth

ENA soundproof curtains come from a patent registered by the US Patent Office and certified by the ICAS Acoustic Laboratory. Manufactured under license from the patent holder, ENA soundproof curtains use innovative textile soundproofing technology to effectively block outdoor noise. The STC experimental result is 17 dB, and the UHF noise rejection is as high as 30 dB. USPTO documents are available at:Click here

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2. Sound insulation performance test

In order to verify the effectiveness of the noise-absorbing curtains, tests were carried out simulating the noise of racing cars and noisy streets. After the home test, it is confirmed that the ENA soundproof curtain has excellent soundproof performance. In fact, the same type of sound-proof curtains are also used in chain theaters, and customers can test the performance at the Mong Kok store. The Mongkok main store is located in the most central area, above the exit of the bank center of the subway station.

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3. Effective heat insulation, 100% shading rate

ENA soundproof curtain adopts a sandwich sandwich design, and the soundproof material in the middle has the function of light insulation and heat insulation. This design does not need to add coating to the surface of the curtain, it can effectively block UV, zero coating, and 0% formazan.

4. High-density velvet, strong sound absorption

The surface and bottom layer of soundproof curtains are made of high-density velvet, which has a strong sound absorption function, bringing a sense of tranquility and comfort to your living space.

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5. Includes a full set of accessories

ENA soundproof curtains include 4-claw hooks x 8 (per meter), storage rope x1, plus purchase rails and accessories ($180 per meter).

6. Required Width Calculation

According to the length of the track, the requirements for different fabric widths are as follows:

  • Within 1 meter: 1.45 meters
  • 1 - 2 meters: 2.9 meters
  • 2 - 2.6m: 4.3m
  • 2.6 - 4 meters: 6 meters

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7. Product Details

  • Size: can be customized
  • Material: surface and bottom velvet, interlayer sound insulation and heat insulation materials
  • Weight: 2000g/square meter
  • Error: 1~3mm
  • Price does not include installation
  • Once the building materials are purchased, there is no return or exchange
  • If the customer installs by himself or hires another master, he shall bear the project quality and risks by himself

ENA sound insulation curtain has a patent registered in the US Patent Office, has passed the ICAS acoustic laboratory certification, and has proved its excellent sound insulation effect in actual tests. At the same time, soundproof curtains also have excellent heat insulation and light shading functions, providing a quiet and comfortable environment for your living space.

In addition, the high-density velvet material makes the sound-proof curtain have a strong sound-absorbing function, further improving the sound-proof performance. ENA soundproof curtains also provide a complete set of accessories for easy installation by customers. According to the required track length, customers can choose the appropriate fabric width.

In today's society where noise pollution is increasingly serious, choosing a high-efficiency soundproof curtain has become an urgent need for many families. ENA sound insulation curtains have not only passed the patent certification, but also the actual measurement results are surprising, proving that its sound insulation effect is indeed reliable. Therefore, for those who pursue a quiet and comfortable living environment, investing in ENA soundproof curtains is undoubtedly a wise choice.

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