(2022 latest) KORG released the latest digital steel piano G1 and G1 AIR

Which electric piano is imported from Japan, the weight and response of the ultra-real keys, and four 20-watt bluetooth speakers...

KORG is also entering the market of high-end electric pianos. The whole machine made in Japan is basically an upgraded version of the LP380. …

A few days ago, KORG released the new electric piano G1 and G1 AIR (Bluetooth speaker version), friends who have research on electric pianos or KORG products

You will find that this new electric piano looks very similar to the KORG LP380 electric piano, but if you take a closer look, it is not the same. Let’s take a look at the appearance first.

The same is made into a flip-top shape, or the main use of space, but the operation buttons have been changed to the middle (more clearly visible)

The keys are still the same with the RH3 weights with very good weight. The keys are very powerful in both response and weight.

The main feature of the new G1 electric piano is the built-in three well-known grand piano tones, German, Austrian, Japanese grand piano,

There is also a function to store favorite sounds (it seems that few electric pianos have this function), a total of 32 kinds of sounds

I personally love this simple and powerful interface. It is very clear and easy to use. Adults and children can operate it.

In terms of speakers, there are two more tweeters on the upper layer, a total of two 12 cm, two 2.5 cm, dual-channel,

20 watts on one side, the reason why these two tweeters sit on the upper layer is to make the sound more surround, and the details are clear (emphasis)

Many guests came to try KORG's electric piano, the keys are good, but the sound is too bright

Okay, here I want to take the opportunity to teach you that the brightness of the tone can actually be adjusted. Then why is the original sound so bright?

Because it can stand out in the music, in other words, the sound of the KORG electric piano can be clearly heard in the sound of a bunch of instruments

rather than the muffled piano sound.

Then, the lower side panel has an empty basket design (right, so it has a texture), and the pedals are the same as the LP380.

And have you found that the lift chair...but it is not included and must be purchased separately, there are two models

PC550 and PC770, it seems to be the difference in size, the scheduled price is unknown.

Okay, then our old uncle Richard Clydeman has endorsed again. This G1 electric piano was used at the concert in Japan at the beginning of the year, and it also has an autograph.

At present, the price of this one will probably fall at more than 50,000 yuan. Because it has not been listed yet, I don't know how much the price difference between the two versions is.

So if you want to consider friends who have more than 50,000 electric pianos, there are new options.

  • KORG G1 Air is a platform has three world-class piano sound (from Germany, Austria, Japan, three well-known brands piano sound).
  • Multi-velocity layer non-looping sound sampling, real timbre presentation.
  • And use Korg's flagship RH3 key touch, which is completely simulating the touch touch of a grand piano and has a key-off sound simulation.
  • The keys have five velocities to choose from.
  • There is a bluetooth audio playback system, which can play and play along with the music in the mobile phone through the G1Air's speakers through bluetooth.
  • The KORG G1 Air is carefully designed and manufactured in Japan to ensure the highest quality products.
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