✅Compact digital piano with GH3 keys and samples of Yamaha CFX's flagship performance grand piano.

CFX samples and ring speakers for richer piano sound

GH3 (Graded Hammer 3), Ebony black keys, Ivory white keys

Sustain resonance/string resonance

Smooth release and key-off sampling

✅Integrated with iOS app "Smart Pianist"

✅New soft design and multiple color change options

Headphone stereo optimization

1 92 total polyphony

3 pedals (sustain pedal with half pedal effect, specific sustain pedal and soft pedal)

A lightweight home piano that brings you an unparalleled musical feast

Whether you play the piano purely for fun or to perfect your technique, ARIUS lets you immerse yourself in the flow of music. This digital piano is a meticulously crafted instrument, perfected by over a century of Yamaha advanced technology and expertise.

Perfect for piano lovers and students, the ARIUS YDP-S54 is a lightweight, space-saving instrument that fits perfectly in any space.


Play the demo song

Authentic and expressive piano music experience

Works with Smart Pianist for unlimited functionality

Modern and stylish design

Authentic and expressive piano music experience

The YDP-S54 provides the user a grand piano experience with Yamaha CFX performance grand piano sounds and expressive progressive hammer keyboard (GH3).

The Powerful Sound of the Acclaimed CFX Performance Grand Piano

Yamaha's flagship 9-inch CFX performance grand piano samples the YDP-S54's latest sound source, delivering crisp highs and deep bass resonance combined with tones that can be projected to the furthest reaches of a concert hall. The winner of the prestigious International Chopin Piano Competition played the CFX series in 2010 and has since become one of the greatest concert grand pianos of modern times.

True Acoustic Piano Playability

With an 88-key Smart Clutch and Ivory White and Ebony Black keys, the Progressive Hammer Keyboard (GHS) reproduces the feel of an acoustic piano, the heaviness of the lower registers and the lightness of the upper octaves. The GH3 features a three-sensor configuration that accurately senses and interprets key mechanics, simulating the response and touch of a grand piano, allowing players to quickly play repetitive notes and authentically expressive control. .

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Designed for your music playing pleasure

The YDP-S54 provides a handy feature when you can't keep playing the piano at high volume. The Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC) feature automatically adjusts the tone, allowing the player to play a balanced tone at any volume.

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Headphone stereo optimization allows players sitting in front of an acoustic piano to experience natural, rich tones, even when wearing headphones. When using this function, the sound sampled by the acoustic piano is used as the sound from the instrument itself rather than the headphones, allowing the player to enjoy a comfortable and natural experience.

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Get more out of the Smart Pianist app

Smart Pianist is a dedicated app that adds a gorgeous graphical interface and a variety of amazing features to compatible Yamaha digital pianos to make playing the piano even more enjoyable.

From choosing instrument sounds or tweaking settings to practicing with a metronome or recording your musical masterpieces, Smart Pianist lets you create music faster and have exclusive musical fun.

Acoustic piano sound audition:

Electronic piano sound audition:

Listen to other sounds:

play your favorite song

ARIUS easily matches your space

The Yamaha YDP-S54's compact and modern design blends seamlessly with interior design to complement any space's interior design. Available in three colors, you can find the perfect piano for your home and have tons of fun.

volume width 1,353 mm [53-1/4"] 1,353 mm [53-1/4']
high 792 mm [31-3/16"] (976mm [38-27/64"] with key cover open) 792mm [31-3/16'] (968mm [38-27/64'] with key cover open)
depth 309 mm [12-11/64"] (317 mm [12-15/32'] with key cover open) *With drop bracket attached: 404 mm [15-57/64"] 296 mm [11-5/8'] (309 mm [12-3/16'] with key cover open) *with drop bracket attached: 388 mm [15-1/4']
weight weight 40.0 kg (88 lbs., 3 oz.) 35.9 kg (79lbs., 2 oz.)
keyboard number of keys 88 88
type GH3 (Graded Hammer 3), Ebony black keys, Ivory white keys GHS keys, matte black keys
touch-sensitive strong/medium/weak/fixed strong/medium/weak/fixed
foot pedal Number of pedals 3 3
Half-press the effect pedal Yes Yes
Features Sustain/Specific Sustain/Soft Sustain/Specific Sustain/Soft
panel language English English
keyboard cover keyboard cover style flip cover flip cover
Music rest (may not be available for purchase depending on the location) Yes Yes
audio sample piano tone Yamaha CFX Yamaha CFX
Damper Resonance - Yes
number of voices Number of voices (maximum) 192 192
built-in number of timbres 10 10
type reverberation 4 types 4 types
Intelligent Audio Control (IAC) Yes Yes
Headphone Stereo Optimization Yes Yes
Damper Resonance Yes Yes
preset Number of built-in songs 10 demo songs + 50 classical piano songs 10 demo songs, 50 piano classics
recording number of songs 1 1
Number of recording tracks 2 2
data capacity 100 KB each (about 11,000 notes) 100 KB each (about 11,000 notes)
Compatible data formats play Standard MIDI File (SMF) Format 0 & 1 Standard MIDI File (SMF) Format 0 & 1
recording Standard MIDI File (SMF) Format 0 Standard MIDI File (SMF) Format 0
Miscellaneous Duo (Duo) / Voice Overlay (Dual) Yes Yes
Duo Yes Yes
Metronome Yes Yes
Tempo range 5 – 280 5 – 280
transposition -6 – 0 – +6 -6 – 0 – +6
tuning 414.8 – 440.0 – 466.8 Hz 414.8 – 440.0 – 466.8 Hz
store built-in memory The maximum total size is approximately 900 KB (User Song: approximately 100 KB for one Song, Song data loaded from a computer: Up to 10 Songs) The maximum total size is approximately 900 KB (User Song: approximately 100 KB for one Song, Song data loaded from a computer: Up to 10 Songs)
connect headphone jack Standard stereo headphone jack x 2 Standard stereo headphone jack x 2
Amplifier 20W x 2 8W x 2
trumpet 12cm x 2 12cm x 2
power supply PA-300C or equivalent recommended by Yamaha PA-150 or equivalent recommended by Yamaha
power consumption 13W (using PA-300C AC power supply) 9W (using PA-150B AC power supply)
Automatic shutdown function Yes Yes
Appendix piano chair - -
sheet music 50 Classic Songs (Music Score) 50 Classic Songs (Music Score)
other User Manual, Quick Operation Guide User Manual, Quick Operation Guide
Tone Generation Damper Resonance Yes -

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