(New in 2021) YAMAHA P515 releases new P series household electric piano

🎹 88-key natural wood (NWX) keys made in Indonesia

The touch keyboard feels like a native piano

🎹 Equipped with Yamaha CFX, Bösendorfer imperial piano-grade sound 
More than 500 tones and rhythms with a maximum number of simultaneous sounds of 256

🎹 Equipped with Bluetooth function, connect to mobile phone or tablet to play music, connect to the iOS Smart Pianist app to easily adjust settings

🎹 VRM technology adds rich, bright and complex colors to provide a realistic sense of performance

P515 is a high-end model in the P series family. It has a high-quality key-bed feel and enhances the sound and speaker system effects. The P515 also sets a new standard for the design of portable household electric pianos. The new high-gloss panel design is transplanted from the classic Yamaha model Clavinova CLP600 series home appearance. The P515 is a musical instrument that can make you amazing.

  1. Dual headphone output, dual-channel sampling with CFX piano sound
  2. Reverb-6 types
  3. Chorus-3 types
  4. Other effects-12 types
  5. Main EQ-3 presets and 1 user
  6. Touch response-6 types
  7. MIDI input and output
  8. Auxiliary input stereo sound mini jack, ¼" jack
  9. USB to host (audio and MIDI)
  10. USB to device (memory stick)

The best key bed feel and tone in the history of the P series

P515 is equipped with Yamaha NWX Natural Wood X keyboard with escapement. This synthetic ebony and ivory white keys provide you with a real piano feel. The timbre comes from the combination of CFX and Bosendorfer Empire Music Awards. The timbre is sampled. The new timbre and the new feel, once you touch it, you will be unable to extricate yourself.

The Yamaha P515 uses samples from two custom acoustic pianos to get the most realistic sound. CFX is YAMAHA's flagship standard concert grand piano, which incorporates 19 years of research and development. YAMAHA combines traditional craftsmanship with modern engineering, examines every element of the piano, discovers and captures how every detail affects the sound.

YAMAHA P-515 æ•¸ç¢¼é‹¼ç ´ DIGITAL PIANO

Bosendorfer has been making pianos since 1828 and is one of the oldest piano manufacturers in the world. The Bosendorfer piano is full of warm and rich tones, which inspired composers such as Bartok and Debussy. When using headphones with P515, the binaural sampling sound will be automatically modulated without other settings.

YAMAHA P-515 æ•¸ç¢¼é‹¼ç ´ DIGITAL PIANO

In a real piano, the sound resonates throughout the main body of the instrument, producing a rich and warm sound. The enhanced virtual resonance modeling (VRM) on the P515 optimizes resonance and makes each note unique to faithfully simulate every nuance of your technique. VRM can also calculate the intensity of your performance and Add appropriate attenuation to each note.

YAMAHA P-515 æ•¸ç¢¼é‹¼ç ´ DIGITAL PIANO

These sampled sounds are recorded with a special microphone to pick up the sound from the musician's position while playing. We guarantee that when you are playing, you will soon forget that you are using headphones.

YAMAHA P-515 æ•¸ç¢¼é‹¼ç ´ DIGITAL PIANO

Customize your piano sound

The Piano Room function on the P515 allows you to control all aspects of the piano sound, including lid position, brightness, key touch, reverberation, pitch, VRM (virtual resonance modeling), damped resonance, string resonance, and equally divided resonance, Pedal noise and half pedaling, etc.

YAMAHA P-515 æ•¸ç¢¼é‹¼ç ´ DIGITAL PIANO

Compatible with iPad

Using the Yamaha Smart Pianist app, you can control the piano with your iPad. You can unlock other functions and save your favorite presets to the iPad. The Smart Pianist app adds a new dimension to the Yamaha digital piano. When you get this instrument, there is an exploration experience waiting for you to discover.

Powerful sound library

The main panel buttons provide 40 different sounds, including pure piano, electric steel, strings, harpsichord, organ (jazz and classical music), choir, clav and synthesizer. In addition, there are 480 XG tones available for various music genres, including guitars, brass instruments, orchestras, synthesizers and drum kits. Metronome and built-in drum track, P515 has a built-in metronome for practice, and 40 drum rhythms, which can make the rehearsal more interesting!

recording function

You can use the built-in recording function to record your own work, you can choose high-quality recordings to share with friends or 2 MIDI recordings for editing on the computer, and record the audio directly to the U disk.

Bluetooth compatible

Play music through your favorite Bluetooth audio player, such as a mobile phone or tablet, and connect to the powerful speaker system of the P515. It can be listened to or played with background music and online video.

Powerful speaker system

Yamaha P515 is equipped with a powerful 30-watt amplification system that can drive four speakers. This is very suitable for practice at home or for small band rehearsals. The 15w + 5w amplifier combined with the two-way speaker system on the P515 provides an immersive real piano experience.

P515 is also equipped with a twisted speaker bass port, which is YAMAHA's exclusive technology, which provides clear and accurate bass reproduction. This professional flare gently diffuses the airflow through the port for a smoother sound. Unlike traditional bass ports, twisted horns can reduce air turbulence noise, thereby achieving clear and accurate low-frequency reproduction.

  1. P515 has black or white finish
  2. Optional wooden frame L-515
  3. Optional triple pedal unit LP-1
  4. The FC4 sustain pedal is included in the box
  5. It weighs 22kg and measures 1336mm wide×376mm deep×145mm high

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