Top 10 Wood-Fit Air Chart for novice players [latest version in 2021]

How do you buy a guitar?Do you understand the guitar?In fact, as long as you understand the following six things, you can make it even better to pick a guitar!
1. [Travel Guitar] Can be used as a novice guitar?

A lot of people have some doubts about whether to buy a big guitar or a travel guitar.Is it a lot more drawback to travel guitar?

Actually,Guitar has been a different size since ancient times.

In the case of beginners, the body is relatively tall, with relatively longer arms and a larger palm, with a small size guitar. It is easier to hump back and to pay special attention to the posture.If you buy a lot of guitars, you can see that the arm is not long enough, and the hand cannot hook the strings, and it can lead to poor posture.

Choose a novice guitar and recommend a suitable guitar by body condition

For this reason, when a novice is buying a guitar, it's actually not necessary to buy a "big" guitar or "small" guitar, or should take a comprehensive assessment based on his height, arm length, palm size, and comfort level.As long as it doesn't work, it doesn't feel any discomfort, at least in the hands and durability of the guitar, which is a guitar that suits itself.

Guitar size is from smallest to maximum

Common guitar size:

Regular folk guitar: 40-inch-42 inches
Classical guitar: 39 inches
Travel Guitar: Below 38 inches

* 1 inch = 2.54 cm

Some argue that the small size guitar is limited to the size of the sound box, which leads to less resonance than a large guitar.However, it is precisely because the size is small in exchange for its convenience, and for the guitar learners of small or young children to have more choices.

In addition, after raising the budget some, small guitars can also choose a better quality wood or a well-known large label. In addition to making up for the characteristics of the original resonance, it also has the sound quality of not losing the big guitar!

2. [veneer] [Plywood] What is it?

If you go to the instrument row and ask the clerk to introduce the guitar, you might hear: "This is a noodle list, using XXX wood." "This is a plywood, with an OOO method." What does that mean, "?"?

Sandwich and ...
The thick of toast.

"Plywood" is like a sandwich bar. It is actually a wooden board with poor quality. It even has three layers of wood, which are of course not better than solid wood.

On the other hand, the so-called "plane ticket" guitar is a solid wood made of solid wood, and the back side plate is made of plywood. The "full list" is all made of solid wood. There is also a smaller "face back single", which is the panel and the back plate is made of solid wood.

Supplemental note: As the panel affects the most, the general term "veneer" refers to the "plane ticket"!

3. What does the budget estimate?

Guitar prices, which include a combination of workmanship, sound, brand value, and so on.When the sum is low, it is easy to have problems such as poor sound quality, poor workmanship, and no sound tone.

  • Poor quality -It means that the sensory sound contains impurities and unsaturated, but this and the volume and the timeless (cases: bright, warm ... and so on) are not.
  • Poor workmanship -The light is poorly set and the string distance is high for you to press the string pain, the posture is easy to error and even hurt.The weight is that the angle of the plate is not right, the chord distance is high, and the maintenance cost can be more than the price of the violin.Another is the hasty closing in the details of the appearance, without any texture.
  • I don't know.The level of the pitch is not allowed and will make it happen even if the empty string tone is accurate, and the situation is not allowed to go down, so how to play it is not good.*Note: Voice is not a matter of work, and if the sound difference is too much, it is almost irreversible.


So, even as a novice guitar, we still don't recommend buying the guitar below $5,000.


With a price of more than 5,000 yuan, it is possible to buy a high-order version of the harmonica. The more abundant novice can choose between 10,000 and more than the Plywood.

Nearly a centimeter of high chord distance

In the world, it is impossible to achieve "every string setting of the guitar is the same" when it comes to the factory, but of course, the higher the brand error value will be smaller; and the lower price of the guitar and the lower price of the guitar will be easier to see for the ultra high-string distance.

A good store will do a string pitch before the guitar rack!As a result, the same brand and model are purchased in different places. It is very likely that they will have very different feel.

* 1: FIG. 1 is a schematic diagram of the ultra-high string distance.
*Note 2: My chord distance sets 12 character (fret): first chord 2mm, sixth string 2.5 mm.

4. What are the barrels?

The guitar barrel body is definitely not just what he looks like. "Different" guitar drums will have different sound characteristics, and the "same" can differ slightly from each other in different labels.For those who have just begun contact with the "barrel body," you can see what kind of barrels you have, and what kind of sound you might have.

It's a basic understanding of the sound of a barrel when selecting a novice guitar. It's a lot of fun to learn from.

Parlor barrel height waist and obvious waist

Parlor barrel

This barrel has a long history of rich vintags, which is a favorite of Wen Ching's. Each factory has a slight difference in its appearance, and its size varies. It is not uncommon in Taiwan.Unique vocalization resonance is ideal for brush and chords, blues, country music.The voiconic feature is crisp, with a majority of 36,38 inches.

Martin O ' barrel

Zero barrel.

The size of the body is similar to that of the Parlor barrel, but the overall larger is the first form of the guitar, from 0 barrels, to a later gradual increase of 00 barrels, 000 (OM) barrels.

OO barrel

000/OM barrel

One of the most common guitar barrel bodies on the market is 39,40 inches.It has a delicate, granular flavor, similar to classical guitar, and is suitable for playing music.The two barrels are consistent, but the length of the string is 24.9 inches and the OM barrel is 25.4 inches.

GS Mini barrel body

GS mini

The representative of the travel guitar, Taylor Guitar, broke through the small guitar innate resonance in 2010, followed by the world guitar makerThe introduction of the travel guitar has led to a wave of

GA barrel body

GA barrel

The hardest to distinguish the barrel body with the OM bucket, the upper shoulder is narrower than the OM bucket, more oblique, and wider at the bottom.The sound quality is clear and clear. It refers to the player's favorite, so it is also the barrel with the most lacking angle.

OM barrel body similar to GA

OM barrel

Each factory has a slightly different appearance, which makes the guitar a bit more flat on the upper and lower sides of the guitar.

Little Jumbo.

Little Jumbo.

Like the big Jumbo barrel, it has a strong volume.It looks slightly different from the same 36-inch GS mini, commonly known as SmallJumbo (SJ barrel), Little Jumbo (LJ barrel).Dot ass is the best thing to recognize!


Jumbo barrel

The large volume of sound box has a full resonance effect, a song and a finger. It is a full-service barrel body.The standard Jumbo barrel is 42 inches, but in recent years there have been a number of small Jumbo forms, 36-40 inches.

GJ barrel body

GJ barrel

In 1937, Gibson first published a larger Jumbo Jumbo, so called the Grand Jumbo (GJ barrel), an innate resonance advantage, and the sound of a sound, and the downside was too heavy.The maximum is 43 inches.

D-barrel waist, less obvious, overall, lower and lower.

D barrel

Is a standard classic body, barrel body weight low frequency excellent, compared to other barrel body timbre frequency most average, full resonance, surround and wrap, suitable for playing brush chords, mostly 41 inches.

Down-shoulder D barrel body

Drop Shoulder D Barrel

Distinct from the common D-barrel, it became a classic in 1942 with the introduction of the Gibson. But in fact, there had been a similar barrel before that. Warm in color and full of bass, it's just as suitable for players.

It's a 34-inch Baby barrel.

The Baby Bucket

Commonly known as small D bucket, there is still a clear difference between the actual observation. The 34-inch design is best for small guitars for travel and for petite women or young children. It's easy to play, but the congenital barrel is limited and volume guides are advised to buy more than a noodle sheet.


5. Do you value appearance?

Looks are often an important basis for many people to think about, after all, a good guitar is likely to accompany them for the rest of their lives. Perhaps you're not a look-focused person, but at the outset, you can base your consideration on the guitar "wood" or "paint style," because these have an impact on timbre.

  • Lumber
    In addition to the sound of the guitar's wood, each wood has its own unique color. Here are three common types of wood and its features.
    Others are red pine (cedar), commonly used on classical guitars, or shabili, commonly used on ukulele
It's a cloud, fir, like a maple.
Spruce Wood

Yellow with a brighter tone (bright).

Dark-coloured surface lines
The Mahogany

Orange-red with a warm tone (mellow).

It's so obvious and deep in the grain.
Acacia multifolia

There are obvious deep and light lines, sound is more rounded and penetrating.

  • The Way to Paint
    If you don't understand it, you can start with a rough understanding of the following two lacquer surfaces and their impact on sound, and try out the sound characteristics of both lacquer surfaces to choose what you like when you test the piano:

1. Open-ended: This type of lacquer, which eliminates the process of filling wood grain, has a lower cost and is commonly found in the first stage.The lines are visible to the naked eyeThe advantage is that sound conduction is more direct and penetrating.

2. Closed formula: Since all the wood lines have been filled, the texture will improve, whether it is light or matte. However, because the thickness of the paint will affect the timbre, the sound will be concentrated when handled well, and too thick will affect the wood resonance by blinding the sound. Lower-cost first-stage pianos often save on workmanship, seeking only brightness regardless of thickness, making sound smoldering more likely.

First-order thick opaque paint guitar

In first-order pianos, it is not recommended to purchase pianos with opaque lacquer surfaces unless there is a special appearance preference. Heavy lacquer may affect the resonance of wood and may conceal inferior wood.

Finally, there is an entirely single piano with a very simple workmanship and a full focus on timbre. There is also a focus on the beautiful gorgeous plinth style; Of course, the more you work, the more time-consuming, the more money you burn, and that's all about pricing. So understand your own demand orientation, the purchase will not cost money!

Paint: Protection between guitar and hazard

Martin Gorgeous, 2000 million guitar memorial.

Martin has produced a two million guitars in 2017 that are complex, beautiful and flamboyant.

Pukanala OM99 Taiwan brand wooden guitar

Taiwan brand - Sunrise guitar Pukana La made an undecorated single guitar, millions of dollars to find!

6. Do you need to buy an electric wood guitar?

Whether it's a novice guitar or not, it's not recommended to buy a guitar with a pickup device unless there's a need for a performance or recording

Three reasons!

  • A, the sound picker is not to buy guitar "send", but "add" in the sale price.
  • B, the sound picker also has the grade difference and the appropriate usage difference, so the original sound picker is not necessarily suitable for your habit of playing. For example, if you need to tap the panel's finger-tapping Fingerstyle technique, it is not suitable for the lower string pillow-style picker.
  • C, electronic equipment has not been used for a long time easy to have oxidation rust, wire damage and other problems.

Therefore, we suggest that when you learn to a certain extent, and have basic equipment knowledge, and then find an experienced musical instrument line to buy add-ons!

  • From the experience of physical storefronts, understand their own needs and then seek shop advice, it is not easy to be deceived, find up and more handy, especially the first guitar is particularly important!
  • Each guitar barrel body, neck are not the same thickness, width and narrow, how does it feel to hold up? Is it comfortable to hold? will affect the willingness to learn. Even if the old piano given by relatives and friends, are recommended to the musical instrument line to do professional inspection, finishing more appropriate.

In addition, the following introduction is also for your reference. In addition to having a basic humidity preservation environment, a good musical instrument line should also have:


1. Guitar quality, brand selection (picking high CP value goods at the same price)
2. New product defect inspection (defects may occur if not noticed at the factory or during shipping)
3. On the shelf forest string distance check, adjustment (string distance high and low will affect the quality of playing, the lower the better play, but too low will play string noise)
4. Guitar pine strings on the rack (tuned to the fixed tone of the string pull can reach 60 to 80 kg, long time easy to cause the neck bending)
5. Be honest with consumers (do not set prices at will, do not hide the advantages and disadvantages of goods)
6. Commodity warranty (protection of the basic rights and interests of consumers)
7. After-sales service (newbies most need, including: maintenance instructions, auxiliary string change, neck adjustment, string pillow setting... )


"Good piano lets you go to heaven, bad piano makes you go to hell" is of course overblown, but it doesn't make sense.
Above first talk about this side, I believe we have a certain understanding of the guitar, but ginger is still old spicy, I wish you buy guitar do not meet the evil shop!

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