[Instrument knowledge] The difference between digital piano and electronic organ

An electronic organ is a keyboard musical instrument, and there are generally two types, namely the upright electronic organ and the portable electronic organ. The sound output of the electronic organ is generated by the electronic components and the electronic signal of the audio is amplified, and the sound is produced through the earphone or the speaker. Internal components include keyboards, sound generators, rhythm and chord generators, amplifiers and amplifiers, human-machine interface software, and some have memory, MIDI, and more. Well-known manufacturers include Casio, Alesis, Yamaha, and Roland.

An electric piano is an electronic musical instrument. It was a musical instrument that emerged in the 1960s and 1970s and was popular in the 1980s and early 1990s to replace the piano in some occasions. The sounding principle is to use the keyboard as an on-off switch. Once the key is pressed, the internal crystal oscillator starts to work, generating a waveform of a certain frequency, which is then amplified by the frequency divider and sent to the speaker for sound. The whole sounding process relies on a simple frequency division analog circuit, so the keyboard does not have the feeling of strength and strike, and the sound is relatively mechanical and monotonous. In contrast, with the development of large-scale integrated circuits and the maturity of digital technology, the Digital Piano appeared.

A digital piano is an electronic musical instrument, usually used as a substitute for a piano, and some digital pianos are also shaped like traditional pianos. different from an electronic organ. Digital pianos are used for some classical and popular music performances. Most digital pianos use built-in electronic sound generators to generate sound, and a small number of digital pianos use mechanical devices to generate sound sources, which are then converted into digital signals by electronic components.

Some people say that digital pianos are like digital cameras, and traditional pianos are like optical cameras. There is no good or bad. I agree with this statement. If we think that traditional pianos are the real pianos, we can afford it, and we are confident in children's learning, buying a piano is of course a good choice; if we feel that we need to reduce investment risks and like the entertainment of digital pianos , or consider buying a digital piano . Of course, if we want to use the digital piano as a piano, no matter what brand we choose, we must choose the one with the "heavy cone" function. Don't forget this.

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