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Yamaha P115 VS Casio Privia PX160 Comparison :)

115 vs 160

We will be comparing P115 with PX160 instead of PX150 since PX160 was released.

Our client requested us to compare the Casio PX150 with the Yamaha P115. Casio PX160 came out shortly after he requested, so we will be comparing Yamaha P115 and Casio PX160 this time.

Within the price range of 500-700 digital pianos, Yamaha P115 and Casio PX160 are the biggest rivals.

Photos above: The Yamaha (on top) vs The Casio (on bottom). -positioning of photo is disregards which is better or worse.

This post will completely dissect the ins and outs of both digital pianos that by the time you finish reading, you will know which digital piano can be a fit for your personal needs.



Yamaha sound is sampled on the Yamaha Grand Piano

The Sound of Yamaha P115 : Yamaha is famous for acoustic pianos.
Yamaha digital piano samples its own acoustic pianos so Yamaha p115 has the clarity and cleanliness of the acoustic pianos.
Sampled on the sound of the Yamaha CFIIIS Concert 9' grand pianos, Yamaha Digital Piano P115 has grandeur lower notes and with unique resonance, it is upgraded to emulate acoustic grade piano.
Yamaha P115 ’s has polyphony 192 and is upgraded from P105 (128 Polyphony) allowing it to perform any songs. Speakers are 7X7-14watts.
There are 14 sound voices and it can be even easier to control voices with use of downloadable apps provided by Yamaha.
With the use of pianist style rhythm function, users can play more enjoyably by making background rhythm with even easy chords during performance.
It also has 4 more rhythm compared to the former Yamaha P105.
Yamaha P Series has been popular due to exceptional sound compared to other pianos within the price range and style.
We strongly recommend this piano for shoppers who desire digital pianos with great price.

The Sound of Casio Privia PX160 :


'AIR Sound' is a newly developed sound technology by Casio and it expresses the original sound of piano. ('AiR' stands for Acoustic and intelligent Resonator).
Casio PX160 Privia Series has all 88-key Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard uses stereo resonance simulator which expresses sufficient details of piano sound. Casio Privia PX160 is also 128-Polyphony.

Casio PX160 Privia Series has variety of sound choices such as Concert, Modern, Classic, Mellow, and Bright.
Casio PX160 Privia Series can also play instrument sounds such as harpsichord, string, Organ, Bass and many other 13 sounds.
Casio PX160 Privia Series also has the layer function which allows users to play with two different sounds at the same time.
Casio PX160 Privia Series also has transpose function that allows strength control of sound strength and allows easier play with another instrument.
With 128 Polyphony it will be able to play most of the songs.
The speakers are 8w x 8w with remarkable sound that attracts recognition.
This redesigned speaker system has improved dramatically.
The speaker system of Casio PX160 Privia Series is open to the front but also projected to the back, which provides grandeur sound when the PX-160 is placed against a wall.
It will create a sound that is multi dimentional sound that can bound off the walls. In a classroom settings or at home, this would be an amazing experience for listeners.

Casio PX160 Privia Series is great for home and educational uses. To have better sound quality, use headphones and/or amps.


The Keyboard Action of Yamaha P115 : Yamaha P115 has also 88 weighted hammer action.
It has similar system as an acoustic piano which is excellent for practicing.
Yamaha P115 has GHS (Grade hammer standard) , so Yamaha P115 is able to control touch and responsiveness.
Lighter touch makes control touch and responsiveness easier, making the Yamaha P115 the best piano for the use of both performance and practice.


The Keyboard Action of Casio Privia PX160 :

Casio PX160 Privia Series, with 88-key Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II, has same size and action (Scaled Hammer Action) as an acoustic piano and with lower keys heavier and becomes lighter as keys get higher.

Casio PX160 Privia Series 88-key Weighted Scaled Hammer Action has an ebony and ivory textured keys that prevent fingers from slipping, gives prestigious look, and instills cleaner feeling.
Casio PX160 Privia Series has three sensors on the key that allows users to feel detail when controlling strength and even has an option that allows velocity and responsiveness control.
The Proprietary Hammer Response features provide timing nuance as it is programmed for different Hammer speed depending on the size of the hammer inside of an acoustic piano.
This feature gives the player the most realistic keyboard action experience that player will not get from other pianos.

Casio PX160 Privia Series has the best touch compared to other pianos within the price range.


The Finish/Design of Yamaha P115 : In our opinion, the Yamaha P115 has a very neat style. There are 2 colors available: Black and White

The Finish/Design of Casio Privia PX160 : Casio PX160 has a modern style design. There are 2 Colors available: Black and Gold


The Function of Yamaha P115 :

Yamaha P115 has functions that can aid performers as a portable digital piano.

Rhythm function of Pianist Style | When chords are played with a left hand, background music is automatically played which can be a great enhancement to ears when played.

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