[Instrument knowledge] Comparison of Yamaha digital piano series and traditional pianos

Comparison of Yamaha Digital Piano Series and Conventional Pianos

  The YAMAHA Clavinova digital piano has been launched in Hong Kong and Macau for more than ten years. With the continuous development of digital technology, the YAMAHA Clavinova digital piano is gradually entering the market of piano consumers with its excellent functions; In the classroom, a large number of Yamaha CLP series digital pianos have also been used for practice. What is the difference between a digital piano and a traditional piano? Please pay attention to the following comparison:

YAMAHA Clavinova Digital Piano

better traditional piano

There are more than 100 kinds of sounds.

There can only be one tone,
And subject to the height/humidity of the piano;

You can choose the tone of 9-foot grand piano and upright piano or the tone of the harpsichord to try out a variety of instruments. It is a keyboard that is absolutely suitable for playing any work;

The timbre of a platform piano and an upright piano are different, and the tallest upright piano cannot have the timbre of a platform piano;

It has the touch-sensitive pedal function of grand piano and upright piano, and the key weight can be adjusted.

The height/lowness of the piano, the touch feeling is also different, and there is generally no grand piano pedal;

Can record music on computer disk in General MIDI format;

Normal pianos do not have this function!

Can replay/ensemble/listen to your own playing skills;

Normal pianos do not have this function!

You can pre-record a variety of musical instrument sounds as background music to help you perform in concert, making it easy to compose;

Normal pianos do not have this function!

You can experience the expression of the work with different musical instrument timbres;

The experience can only be expressed in the tone of the piano!

You can play with headphones at night without disturbing others;

Best sound isolation + put down sound dampening fleece/flick, still affect others.

The practice time is more and unlimited than the traditional piano, and the technique can be improved in a short period of time;

The time of practice is affected and limited by the environment, and the haste is not enough.

Through the playback system, you can listen carefully/slowly to other people's playing skills;

Only listen to CDs, or ask others to play;

The pitch remains unchanged, no need to adjust regularly;

You must pay for regular tuning to keep in tune;

Frequent use, keep dry and difficult to damage;

Frequent use, the ham parts, hammers, etc. will be worn out.

Maintenance fee/adjustment fee: calculated in 5 years, almost: zero

Calculated in 5 years: To keep the lowest pitch to pay: 3.250.00 (mop$)

Excellent function / effect comparison, the price is lower.

Pianos with better tone are generally more expensive;

The above examples are not enough to show the advantages of the digital keyboard. In modern society, due to poor living environment and poor sound insulation equipment, the use of traditional piano practice is sometimes equivalent to forcing others to listen to themselves every day. Disturbances, frictions and resentments that arise invisibly, grow as the days go by. It makes the practitioners have a certain psychological burden every time they practice, and they cannot concentrate on practicing, nor can they achieve technical sublimation in a short period of time, let alone how to deal with the requirements of music and generate good inspiration for playing.

Using traditional piano practice, it is necessary to adjust the intonation frequently. The quality of the timbre, the loudness and the loudness, depends on the quality of the piano, the height of the piano body, and the influence of dry/humid weather. More than enough.

The multi-function and durability of the digital piano, and the sound of various musical instruments without adjustment, make the learner more expressive in understanding music and interpretation; the touch of the digital piano adopts the touch and strength of a grand piano, The control of the pedal is also the function of the platform-style piano, which is more demanding and precise than the general upright traditional piano.   

 There are still many advantages of digital piano piano. You can input some music scores that have never been played through a simple computer music program, and then play it on the digital piano. With the widespread use of computers, you can listen to music on the Internet. There are many more ancient and modern Chinese and foreign MIDI music works, which provide a broad learning space and a musical level for piano learners. Looking forward to the future, digital piano may be the best keyboard instrument for modern humans to learn piano music.

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