(Instrument knowledge) YAMAHA Digital Piano Series vs. Traditional Piano

YAMAHADigital pianoSeries withTraditional pianoComparison of

  YAMAHA ClavinovaDigital piano has been introduced in Hong Kong and Macao for more than ten years, with the continuous development of digital technology, YAMAHA ClavinovaThe digital piano, with her excellent function, is gradually playing the market for the admission of piano consumers, and even the Royal Academy of Music's classrooms in the United Kingdom have adopted a large number ofYAMAHA CLPSeries of digital pianos as exercises. What is the difference between a digital piano and a traditional piano? Keep an eye out for the following comparisons:

YAMAHA ClavinovaDigital piano

Better traditional piano

Up to 100 colors.

There can only be one tone,
and subject to the influence of low height/humidity of the piano;

Can choose 9 feet platform piano and vertical high-body piano tone or ancient key piano tone to try to play a variety of musical instruments, is absolutely suitable for playing any work of the keyboard;

Platform piano and vertical piano, the tone is not the same, the tallest vertical piano can not have the platform to play the piano tone;

There is a triangular piano and vertical piano touch foot function, the key weight can be adjusted.

Piano height / low, touch sense is not the same, generally there will be no triangular pedal;

OKGeneral MIDIFormat recording music on a computer disk;

General piano does not have this feature!

You can play back/ensemble/listen to your own playing skills;

General piano does not have this feature!

Can pre-record a variety of musical instruments as background music to help their own concerto, composition is convenient;

General piano does not have this feature!

Can experience the expression of the work by different musical instruments;

The experience can only be expressed in piano tones!

At night can wear headphones to play, without affecting others;

The best soundproofing plus put down the tone-reducing velvet/flick will still affect others.

Practice time is more and unlimited than traditional piano, the technology can be improved in a short period of time;

The time of practice is affected and limited by the environment, and the speed is not reached.

Through the playback system, you can listen carefully/slowly to other people's playing skills;

Can only listen to the CD, or invite others to play;

The pitch is unchanged and does not need to be adjusted regularly;

You must pay for regular tuning in order to maintain alignment;

Use frequently, keep dry, more difficult to damage;

Often used, the piano parts hammer, etc. will be lost,

Maintenance/transfer fees: to5Annual accounting, almost: zero

in order to5Annual calculation: To maintain the minimum pitch to pay:3.250.00(mop$)

Feature excellence/effect comparison at a lower price.

A piano with a better sound is generally more expensive;

The above examples are not enough to show the advantages of digital pianos. In modern society, due to living environment, poor soundproofing equipment, the use of traditional piano practice, sometimes equal to forcing others to listen to their own repeated every day, but not smooth practice, easy to cause long-term nuisance to family / neighbors, invisible friction and resentment, with the growing days. Every time the piano practitioners practice, there is a certain psychological burden, can not concentrate on practice, can not reach the sublimation of technology in a short period of time, let alone how to deal with the requirements of music and produce good playing inspiration.

The use of traditional piano practice, must often adjust the pitch, the tone of good or bad, size sound, depending on the quality of the piano, the height of the piano body, the weather dry / wet and affected, mechanical failures occur from time to time, so that the player is not bothered.

Digital piano versatility and durability, pitch without tuning the sound of various musical instruments, so that learners in understanding music and interpretation, more evangelical;  

 There are many advantages of digital piano, through a simple computer music program, some never played score input, and then play with a digital piano, with the widespread use of computers, on the network, you can listen to many ancient and modern Chinese and foreign MIDI music works, for learners, provide a broad learning space and learning music level. Looking to the future, digital piano may be the best keyboard instrument for modern human learning piano music.

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