[Out of the box review] Subvert all your knowledge of wooden box drums – Roland EC-10 EL Cajon

In recent years, because the sound of the wooden box drum is easy to match with guitar and ukulele,
In addition, it is much smaller than a jazz drum and easier to use than a jazz drum.
So there is an increasingly hot phenomenon.
A guitarist can often be seen on the street, paired with a wooden box drummer,
It can make people linger and reluctant to leave the performance scene. It is not an exaggeration to say that the wooden box drum is the second instrument that future jazz drummers have to learn.
Roland took a fancy to this trend, and at the beginning of this year, he cast a shocking bomb for this wooden box drum market.
The timing happened just after the people of Taiwan wrote history with votes,
Roland wants to use it to write an important page in the development history of percussion instruments!
It is Roland EC-10 EL Cajon.

What is the ability of EC-10 to completely subvert our imagination of wooden box drums?
If you speak thoroughly, your shit will never leave~~
Let's first look directly at the VCR:
 Roland cleverly combined their electronic expertise in the wooden box drum, so that this wooden box drum has 30 sets of built-in tones to choose from.
Whether it is tambourine, golden cup drum, wooden box drum, even traditional snare drum and TR-808, all are included.
Let the wooden box drum not only be the wooden box drum, but also your treasure chest.
Below is a sample VCR for timbre:

Product advantages

  • There are as many as thirty sets of tones, the volume can be adjusted, and it can also be output to the PA.
  • Six AA batteries can be used for up to twelve hours or directly plugged in.
  • The size is exactly the same as the ordinary wooden box drum, and the weight is only six kilograms, so there is no burden to carry.
  • With a MIX IN jack, you can output music and drum sounds together.
  • It can be used as a traditional wooden box drum when it is not plugged in. The sound hole is under the front panel.

Price: $4988 hkd Feiteng Music Center-Mong Kok Store

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