How to choose a digital piano or electric piano for beginners

How to buy an electric piano for beginners? Should I choose a brand, key or timbre? What should I think of so many specifications

This is probably a question that every guest will ask. What kind of electric piano should beginners buy? Or how to choose an electric piano? Come on. Let's talk about the experience of upgrading Xiaobian. This is Xiaobian's experience. After synthesizing many electric pianos bought by many guests, it is summed up for beginners to refer to.

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Sheng Xiaobian will first mark out the key points, timbre, specifications (including additional functions), size and budget


1: The budget is very important. The limit is to increase the budget by several thousand.

To buy an electric piano, you must first calculate your budget. There are so many kinds of electric pianos, ranging from more than 10000 at the beginning to 40000 to 50000 at the middle level, more than 60000 at the high level, and even more than 100000 at the top level. There is absolutely no need to be ultra cheap. Like traditional pianos, electronic goods are really one cent for one cent. You can only choose the best from the budget, so the budget is very important. Suppose your budget It's 30000 yuan, and then add a few thousand yuan to your budget. That's the limit (because it also involves the issue of credit card installment). Never watch the electric piano that exceeds the budget, or you'll never find it.


2: Key, to choose their favorite key weight and rebound, is not wooden key with these two points have nothing to do.


Guests will ask, which one of the piano keys is most similar to the traditional piano? I'd like to ask you how much is the weight of the traditional piano keys in your mind? Most of the guests will say that the heavier is, the more similar it is. The traditional piano is divided into upright piano and platform piano. These two kinds of piano are divided into size. The weight of each piano key is different from the rebound. So, choose your own piano The weight and rebound of Huan's keys are very important, that is to say, you must try them before you know, and only when you have a comparison (that is, there must be several on site for you to compare), can you try to find out which electric piano has the most convenient keys and is most suitable for you. Never have wooden keys= The idea of heavy keys is that wooden keys are not very heavy, because the material of wood is usually not very heavy. The reason why traditional keys are heavy is that the hammer striking system behind the keys is related to the length of the traditional keys, and the wooden keys for electric piano are not related to the weight.


3: Timbre, choose your favorite timbre.

The timbre of each brand must be different. They are all sampled from the timbre of traditional piano, so the timbre should be determined by the timbre you most commonly use. Suppose I am a beginner of classical piano, I will buy the electric piano with the best timbre. Then I am a beginner of popular piano. Besides the timbre of piano, you should also listen to the timbre of string or organ.


4: Size, the size of the electric piano is very important, choose the right size will not let the space become very crowded.

If you are renting a house or living in an apartment, the size is very important to you. Don't buy a large electric piano, which can't be put down and can't be stored. In the end, it will only hurt your mind. At this time, you should choose a narrow electric piano, which doesn't occupy space, is easy to put and move. If you live in toutian or have a large space, the size is very important to you It's not a problem. You can buy anything.


5: Specifications (including additional functions), the number of speakers, output and the ring field effect of headphones, or Bluetooth support app or Bluetooth speakers.

Usually, small editors will put the specifications behind the comparison. The specifications are considered by more adults when they buy a piano. The heavy sound effect of headphones is not important, of course, it is also very important. If you buy an electric piano, you can wear headphones to practice. The sound effect of headphones is very important. The number of speakers and their effort will affect the timbre. Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth apps are the trend of electric piano, and they also have more control Convenience and practicality, or a lot more entertainment.

So how do beginners choose their own electric piano?

Sheng Xiaobian's suggestion is to give priority to the budget and size, first decide the range of the two, and then choose the keys and timbre or specifications you like. You must do your homework on the Internet first, and then go to the musical instrument shop to have a careful try, so that you can feel the difference of brands, keys and timbre. Electric pianos are all paid for, and they are expensive If you don't set a budget range, you'll only have to burn your brain in the end. So it's suggested for beginners to choose an electric piano. Whether you want to use it yourself or just want to buy it for children, you should first decide the budget and size, and then from the keys, timbre, specifications or additional functions Go and choose the right one for you.

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