The definition of a digital piano that feels good? What does it mean to feel like a piano?

Digital piano Digital piano is actually a musical instrument, like or not, good personal.

And the article, the store manager onScientificallyAnalyze the other objective figures that can be compared except the left feeling of the electric piano.

What is a good feel?

1. Induction of the degree of force with force. (Dynamic control)

Digital piano system of a computer, you press through the finger to drop the key, issued instructions, the piano will emit an equal degree of volume.

For example, if you press down with 1kg of force, you will emit 1kg of volume, and 2kg of force will drop, and you will emit 2kg of volume.

The following pieces understand:


At one point, you'll ask Lama: Hey! Do I press down with 1.8KG, and the system will emit 1.8kg volume?

The answer is, if the piano (the computer) has only 2 force sensing, whether you are pressing 1.8kg, or 3kg,

Or if you run out of power to drop 100kg, you'll only emit 2kg of volume, because the machine is only attachedEnter the left 2 dataIn, the output is only 2 sounds apart.

Example (i):

The Casiotone CT-200 has only one force sensing, which is the same sound regardless of the force.


Example (ii): Yamaha P125 has 3 force sensings that can bounce to large/medium/fine forces.

YAMAHA P125 Digital Piano Digital Piano

Example (iii): The Roald FP30 has 5 force sensings that can bounce to 5 large, fine sounds

Roland FP30 Digital Piano Electric Piano Electronic Piano


On the score, generally can be used to get, there are about 8 large fine forces,

Go from the thinnest ppp to the loudest fff

Good quality digital piano, the more force you can sense. At present, because of MIDI specifications, decimal 0 to 127 is equivalent to sixteen-in-00 to 7Fh, so theoretically, up to 128 force reactions can be achieved.

Pay attention to the return, 128 refers to the same sound, well refers to 128 volume.

For example, you gently make a jump tone, tie a sound, you gently press and hold one sound, and tie another sound. It's already tied to two samples.

Further, you press and drop quickly and forcefully, and will send out oneexplosivenessthe sound, tied to a sample,

You quickly, gently press down, will send out onecaperthe sound, tied to a sample,

You press and drop quickly, and a long press will make onesmouldering, a sample,

Well, come on, I'm sure everyone understands that digital piano feels the same as a good definition.


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