The function of sound insulation decoration methods (sound insulation cotton, sound absorbing panels, floor mats) can be seen clearly in one article

The decoration of the room is different from the decoration of the living room. In addition to paying attention to the aesthetics of the decoration, it also pays more attention to the comfort.

A comfortable room allows people to truly relax and have a good sleep quality.

What are the methods of soundproofing the room? What are the sound insulation materials?

Many owners are more concerned about sound insulation when they decorate their rooms. In response to this problem, the following is a detailed introduction to you.

Room soundproofing method:

Most of the indoor noise pollution comes from the outside of the window. When carrying out the sound insulation decoration of the room, you can also consider choosing some window frames and sound insulation strips for the windows with better sound insulation effect, so as to achieve a relatively good sound insulation effect. .

Among them, the window glass can be made of vacuum glass, which has a better sound insulation effect. If the requirements for sound insulation are relatively low, you can choose insulating glass.

The window frame is mainly made of aluminum alloy or plastic steel, which has better sound insulation effect.

The sound insulation of the room can also be done in the aspect of the door. There are also many materials for the door. Among them, the sound insulation effect of solid wood doors and solid wood composite doors is better than other door materials. In addition, the sound insulation effect of the door is good and the filling material in the door is also related.

The particleboard filler has a better sound insulation and sound absorption effect. If the sound insulation demand is relatively large, you can choose the door filler of this material.


The sound insulation of the room can also be decorated on the wall. When the house is decorated, the sound insulation felt is installed in the wall to achieve the purpose of sound insulation.

Moreover, this sound insulation method mainly embeds objects into the wall, which will not affect the appearance.

If it is really a noisy environment, you can also achieve better sound insulation by using soft packaging in the front, but the decoration method of soft packaging will be relatively more expensive.

Part of the noise in the room may come from the sound of footsteps upstairs. In this case, the ceiling can be used to solve this problem. When the ceiling is suspended, a sound insulation layer can be added, which can reduce the impact of the upstairs on the downstairs noise. . 

What are the materials for sound insulation:

Sound-absorbing cotton

This is a relatively common sound insulation material. It is relatively simple to process, and also has the performance of waterproof and moisture-proof, and has better air permeability. However, sound-absorbing cotton also has some shortcomings, that is, the flame retardancy is relatively poor, and it cannot achieve the purpose of blocking fire. If sound-absorbing cotton is used in the home, you need to pay attention to the problem of fire prevention.

wood wool sound-absorbing board

It is a very popular sound insulation material at present. This kind of sound insulation material is usually made of poplar fiber. The texture of the surface is relatively natural, the appearance is more high-end and atmospheric, and the sound insulation effect is very good. This kind of sound insulation material is mostly used in entertainment places such as KTV.

Acoustic panels

In fact, many materials now have the effect of sound insulation, especially after some processing, the sound insulation effect is better, also known as sound insulation board. When purchasing sound insulation boards, you need to pay attention to whether there are relevant test reports. If there is no test report, it means that the sound insulation effect is not good enough, and you should avoid choosing.


The above is the introduction to the sound insulation decoration methods of the room and several different sound insulation materials. I believe everyone has some understanding.

There are many methods of sound insulation, and the materials required for different sound insulation methods and the effect of sound insulation are different.

When decorating, the owner should choose the overall decoration style, decoration budget and needs, so as to create a more satisfactory room decoration effect.

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