[Electric Guitar] Five Things Novices Must Know Before Buying

For beginners, buying an electric guitar that suits you can be a difficult challenge. Before you start choosing, there are a few things you need to know. In this article, we’ll list five things a newbie should know before buying an electric guitar to help you make the best choice.

Types of electric guitar

There are many types of electric guitars, including single electric guitar, double electric guitar and semi-hollow electric guitar. Each electric guitar has its own unique sound and style, so base your decision on your own musical style and taste when choosing one.

neck shape

The shape of the neck is also a very important factor, it will affect your finger movement and grip, thus affecting your playing level. The neck shapes of electric guitars are divided into "C" shape, "V" shape, "U" shape and "thin neck". When choosing, you should make a decision based on your own hand shape and holding habits.

Types of pickups

The pickup is an important part of the electric guitar, as it determines the sound quality and timbre of the instrument. There are a variety of pickups on the market today, including magnet type, mylar type, lithium-ion battery type, etc. Each type of pickup has its own advantages and disadvantages. Make your choice based on your needs and budget.

Type of wood

The sound and quality of an electric guitar are also affected by the type of wood. Currently, there are mainly maple, mahogany, ebony and other woods to choose from on the market. Different woods have different timbres and sound characteristics, so make your decision based on your own musical style and taste.


The final factor is budget. The price range of electric guitars is very wide, ranging from a few hundred yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. Make your choice based on your budget and needs, and don’t overdo it.

common problem

1. What is the difference between electric guitar and acoustic guitar?


The biggest difference between electric guitar and acoustic guitar is the sound. Electric guitars use pickups and amplifiers to amplify the sound, making the sound clearer and brighter, and the volume is louder; while acoustic guitars sound naturally, making the sound warmer and softer, and are usually used in quieter situations such as soloing and singing.

2. What is the difference between electric guitar and guitar effects?


There are also differences between electric guitar and guitar effects. The electric guitar is the instrument itself, which has various sounds and can be played directly; while the guitar effector is a sound effect device that achieves various sound effects by connecting the instrument and speakers.

3. What accessories are needed for an electric guitar?


Generally speaking, the accessories needed for an electric guitar include amplifiers, pickups, guitar cables, guitar straps, tuners, guitar music stands, etc. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose from different brands and models.

4. How do novices learn to play electric guitar?


There are many ways to learn to play the electric guitar, such as self-study, finding a teacher, online courses, etc. Novices can start with basic music theory, chords, rhythm, etc., learn and practice slowly, listen more, imitate more, and constantly challenge themselves to continuously improve their skills.

5. What should you pay attention to when buying an electric guitar?


Issues you need to pay attention to when buying an electric guitar include: the brand and model of the instrument, the type of pickup, the shape of the neck, the type of wood, the budget, etc. When choosing, make an appropriate choice based on your needs and budget.

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