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Digital piano is actually a kind of musical instrument. I like it or not.

In this article, the store manager scientifically analyzed the objective figures of the electric piano that can be compared except for the left sense.

What is a good feel?

1. Vigorously responds to the degree of fine force. (Dynamic control)

A digital piano is a computer. Just when you press down the keys with your fingers, you give a command, and the piano will emit an equal volume.

For example, if you press down with a force of 1kg, the channel will emit a volume of 1kg, and if you press down with a force of 2kg, it will emit a volume of 2kg.

Look at the following video to understand:

At that time, you will ask La: Hey! If I press down with a force of 1.8KG, the microphone will emit a volume of 1.8kg?

The answer is, if the piano (the computer) has only 2 velocity sensors, whether you press 1.8kg or 3kg,

Or if you use all the power of a wild hoe to drop 100kg, it will only emit a volume of 2kg, because this machine only inputs the left 2 data , and the output only has 2 sounds.

Example (1):

Casiotone CT-200 has only one velocity sensor, no matter how hard it is, it sounds the same.

Example (2): Yamaha P125 has 3 velocity sensors, which can bounce to large/medium/fine force.

YAMAHA P125 Digital Piano

Example (3): Roalnd FP30 has 5 velocity sensors and can play 5 loud and soft sounds

Roland FP30 Digital Piano Electric Piano Electric Piano

It’s on the sheet music, it’s generally available, there are about 8 fine powers,

From the softest ppp to the loudest fff

With a good quality digital piano, the more power it can sense. At present, because of the MIDI specification, the decimal number 0~127 is equivalent to hexadecimal 00~7Fh, so theoretically, 128 velocity responses can be achieved at most.

Pay attention to the return, 128 refers to different sounds, not 128 volumes.

For example, if you lightly make a skipping sound and tie a sound, you lightly press and hold a sound, and then tie another sound. There are already 2 samples.

Taking it one step further, if you press it down quickly and forcefully, it will make an explosive sound, attaching a sample,

You quickly, gently press down, you will make a jumping sound, attach a sample,

You quickly, gently press down, long press will make a muffled sound, tie a sample,

Okay, when it comes to it, I believe everyone understands the definition of a digital piano that feels good and not good.

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