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Digital piano is actually a kind of musical instrument. Whether you like it or not depends on the individual.

In this article, the store manager scientifically analyzes the objective numbers of electric pianos that can be compared except for the left feeling.

What is a good feel?

1. The degree of strong and fine force is sensitive. (Dynamic control)

The digital keyboard is a computer. When you press down on the keys with your fingers, and issue commands, the piano will emit an equal volume of sound.

For example, if you press it down with a force of 1kg, it will emit a volume of 1kg, and if you press it with a force of 2kg, it will emit a volume of 2kg.

Take a look at the following clips to understand:

At this time, you will ask La: Hello! So if I press it down with a force of 1.8KG, the mic will emit a volume of 1.8kg?

The answer is, if the piano (the computer) has only 2 velocity sensors, then whether you press 1.8kg or 3kg,

Or if you use all your strength to drop 100kg with a wild hoe, it will only emit 2kg volume, because this machine only inputs the left 2 data , and the output is only the difference between the 2 sounds.

Example (1):

Casiotone CT-200 has only one velocity sensor, no matter how big or small the force is, the sound is the same.

Example (2): Yamaha P125 has 3 velocity sensors, which can play to high/medium/fine force.

YAMAHA P125 Digital Piano Digital Piano

Example (3): Roalnd FP30 has 5 velocity sensors and can play to 5 loud and thin sounds

Roland FP30 Digital Piano Electric Piano Electronic Organ

It is on the sheet music, which can generally be used. There are about 8 major fine forces.

From the quietest ppp to the loudest fff

The better the quality digital piano, the more force it can sense. At present, due to the MIDI specification, decimal 0~127 is equivalent to hexadecimal 00~7Fh, so theoretically, a maximum of 128 velocity responses can be achieved.

Note that 128 refers to different sounds, not 128 volumes.

For example, if you lightly make a skip sound, then a sound is connected, and if you lightly press and hold a sound, it is connected with another sound. It has already been linked to 2 samples.

Going a step further, you press it down quickly and forcefully, it will make an explosive sound, attach a sample,

You press it down quickly and lightly, it will make a jumping sound, connect a sample,

You quickly and lightly press it down, long press will make a muffled sound, connect a sample,

Alright, speaking of which, I believe everyone understands the definition of a digital piano that feels good and bad.

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