Questions that must be considered before applying for adult piano lessons [Must-see for adults learning piano]

How to choose a teacher for adults to learn piano?

Being able to play and being able to teach are two different things!

Most piano teachers graduated from music colleges, so the general teaching methods are moved from schools. The piano education methods in general colleges are mainly based on etudes or classical music.

The professionalism is relatively strong, so from this point of view, it is not suitable for adults to learn the general amateur piano, because to play the piano professionally, you must spend a lot of time, step by step, and complete the tutorial step by step. Where did adults get so much time, the main purpose is to entertain themselves!

So the way adults learn piano and musical instruments is different from many professional educational methods! Therefore, when choosing a piano teacher, you should choose a teacher who has experience teaching adults piano, or a teacher who has methods and methods specially prepared for adults.

How long does it take for an adult to learn piano

Students who learn adult piano are always worried about how long it takes to play the tune before they can play the tune. There are two biggest reasons for this:

1. The students do not have enough time to practice the piano.

2. The teacher's method is not suitable for the students.

3. There is no good communication between students and teachers.

4. The teacher has no teaching (adult students) experience.

So how long it takes to learn something varies from person to person. In my teaching experience, fast students can play simple songs fluently in about a week, while slow students can play simple tunes for more than a month.

Is it important to learn the piano as an adult?

What kind of textbook do you use?

Basic skills are the most important, but don't overplay the tutorial:

The fingers of adults are relatively hard, and the flexibility of the fingers must be mobilized through the practice of basic skills. Therefore, scales and Hanon are the best choices for beginner finger training. Friends who want to play impromptu accompaniment (songs), but also practice arpeggios and chord decomposition! Would be great for playing some pop songs!

What song should I play to learn to play the piano?

It should be based on popular and catchy songs or popular piano songs, because most adults do not have the ability to "read music", and they are confused when they see ordinary music. It is best to find some songs with strong melody that you have heard and have an impression of. The piano music is used as a temporary teaching material. This can do more with less!

interest! Interested! Most important!

How to arrange piano practice time?

When adults learn the piano, they should take concentrated means to complete the practice of the repertoire. Usually play continuously for an hour every day, first practice basic skills (scales, arpeggios) to open the fingers. Practice the homework assigned by the teacher! Practice at least two to four times a week, although the more time you practice, the better. The basic skills of each practice should take up at least one third of the total practice time.

Do adults need foundation and "talent" to learn piano?

Adults who learn piano often worry about whether it will be difficult to practice without a foundation. Learning music requires "talent". Yeah?

These worries are not necessary. As long as the teacher is selected, the teacher's method is appropriate, and the students are willing to work hard and practice on their own, those tunes and songs are the easiest for adults to learn the piano. The teacher will not leave some large classical pieces for students to play. Songs and popular piano pieces are very easy to practice. As long as you are willing to practice, you will get results in a short time.

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