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Digital piano 

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Digital piano has many "digital" functions more than traditional mechanical piano. In our country, digital piano is also called "electric piano". Digital piano uses digital technology (pulse code modulation technology) instead of simulation technology, so that it can not only realize the realistic imitation of traditional piano

It has all the functions of mechanical piano. It also has a unique variety of timbre, memory, tone sandhi, mixing, metronome functions. It also has MIDI interface, earphone (when connected to play, it will not cause noise pollution to the surrounding environment, especially suitable for practitioners), microphone interface and so on. It realizes the combination of traditional piano technology and modern high technology. Although the digital piano is made up of modern electronic piano After 40 years of historical development, but it is not an electronic organ.

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Chinese name

Digital piano

other    call

Electric piano


special    colour

Memory, tone sandhi, mixing

brief introduction

Piano is recognized as the king of musical instruments. In 1711, the world's first modern grand piano was born in Italy. It uses a small mallet to beat the strings instead of the harp to pluck the strings, which makes the sound of piano have strong and weak changes. In English, piano means "piano with strong and weak pronunciation".

Jazz organ timbre audition: 
Listen to the voice of rock organ: 


The traditional mechanical piano is composed of wooden shell, steel frame, strings, sound board, string beater and keyboard. So, what is digital piano?

Digital piano has many "digital" special functions more than traditional mechanical piano. In our country, digital piano is also called "electric piano". Digital piano uses digital technology (pulse code modulation technology) instead of simulation technology, so that it can not only realize the realistic imitation of traditional piano, but also realize the realistic imitation of traditional piano,

2018 Roland FP-30數碼鋼琴DIGITAL PIANO

Digital piano

It has all the functions of mechanical piano. It also has a unique variety of timbre, memory, tone sandhi, mixing, metronome functions. It also has MIDI interface, earphone (when connected to play, it will not cause noise pollution to the surrounding environment, especially suitable for practitioners), microphone interface and so on. It realizes the combination of traditional piano technology and modern high technology. Although the digital piano is made up of modern electronic piano After 40 years of historical development, but it is not an electronic organ.

Because the digital piano is not as simple as "the shell of the mechanical piano is wrapped with the core of the electronic piano", which is essentially different from the electronic piano.

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In terms of music education, digital piano has incomparable advantages over mechanical piano. Mechanical piano teaching can only be one-to-one, while digital piano can realize "one to ten" or "one to twenty" through online, which can greatly solve the problem of insufficient teachers in piano education and save the cost of education. More importantly, the price of digital piano is only half of that of traditional mechanical piano It is believed that a large number of such pianos will help popularize piano and music education in China.


Beautiful sound quality

People who don't know about digital piano think that it is just the shell of mechanical piano, which contains the core of an electronic piano. In fact, it is qualitatively different from the electronic piano. But the level of strength is far less than that of mechanical piano

String timbre with piano timbre performance audition:

The other timbres are the same as P105. Here is the audition:Harpsichord timbre audition:

Pipe organ voice audition: 
Vibraphone vibraphone  
Wood bass timbre audition:  
E. Bass electric bass voice audition: 

Digital piano

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The lightest tone of mechanical piano is 50 dB, the most stressed tone is 100 dB, and the sound pressure difference is more than 50 dB. While the sound pressure difference of electronic piano is only 30 dB. The digital piano adopting the most advanced digital technology in digital technology, the lightest tone is 30 dB, the most stressed tone is 100 dB, and the sound pressure difference is more than 70 dB, surpassing the mechanical piano.

Features of Nissan piano

2018 Roland HP-605數碼鋼琴

At present, the digital piano designed and manufactured by our country also has some functions and features that the traditional mechanical piano does not have. Its intonation error is less than plus or minus 3 minutes. After users buy this piano, they do not need to ask a professional pianist to tune it every year like the mechanical piano. It has piano, electric piano, organ, string, organ and other timbres, and can reverberate and modulate the music. It is equipped with External headphone and microphone interface, can

Digital piano


It adopts the international MIDI interface standard, which can be used in combination with computer, especially it can be used to establish a collective teaching room, with multiple instruments in the same room, and a teacher can conduct collective teaching and guide students to practice by the console, so as to solve the problems of lack of teachers and high tuition fees in the current music teaching in China.

Compared with the traditional mechanical piano, the digital piano is cheap, and it is really affordable for ordinary people. Its appearance and structure are flexible, and it is suitable for families of different areas to buy and use. It can be predicted that with the improvement of people's living standards and the popularization of piano education, the digital piano will develop rapidly as an industry.



The digital piano is developed from the modern electronic organ after more than 40 years of history, but it is qualitatively different from the electronic organ.


The electronic piano does not have the feeling of hand and strength of the piano. No matter whether it plays hard or not, it will make the same sound. There is no strength when playing. Although the electronic piano with MF modulation analog technology has initially solved the problem of strength, it has strong and weak sound, but the level of strength is far less than that of mechanical piano. It adopts the most advanced digital technology in digital technology The sound pressure difference of digital piano exceeds that of mechanical steel

Digital piano

Stage E. Piano: playing with rhythm and timbre 
Grand piano timbre with rhythm 

Piano, and the volume in the whole range of uniform transition, can show different strong and weak sound, like mechanical piano, can completely follow the wishes of the performer to express the ups and downs of emotion, emotional level.

Kawai CN25數碼鋼琴

The digital piano uses digital technology instead of simulation technology to solve the problem of timbre distortion of electronic piano, so as to realize the realistic imitation of traditional musical instruments including mechanical piano. Digital piano is the same as traditional mechanical piano, first is the whole tone Piano: 88 keys can sound independently at the same time; second is the control Piano: light play, light sound, heavy play When the pedal is stepped down, the short one will also have the attenuation extension sound. Furthermore, all its keyboards have the specified standard static resistance change.

Kawai ES-8(ES-7代替版)數碼鋼琴

It has excellent timbre and stable performance. It has some functions and characteristics that traditional mechanical piano does not have. Its whole tone can be adjusted, with a range of positive and negative 50 minutes, which is conducive to playing with the orchestra. All year round, no matter where in the southeast or northwest, it can practice without affecting other people's rest. At the same time, it adopts the international MIDI interface standard, which can be used together with the computer 。

More importantly, compared with the traditional mechanical piano, the price of digital piano is low. The price of a digital piano is only 1 / 2 or even 1 / 8 of that of the traditional piano.


Kawai ES-8(ES-7代替版)數碼鋼琴


1、 There are six kinds of "electric pianos" (digital pianos) available on the market

1. The fake "digital piano" or toy piano is actually an electronic piano or a toy keyboard used on a computer. It costs hundreds of yuan. You won't buy this kind of piano without my reminding.

Digital piano

2. Miscellaneous brand digital piano, in fact, is also inferior electronic piano. At most, with the appearance of the piano, the feel is the feel of the toy electronic piano, and the timbre is the timbre of the cheap electronic piano. The price ranges from several hundred yuan to three thousand yuan. This kind of piano is a bit bluffing, but if you play a key yourself, you will immediately recognize it. Of course, you can't buy this kind of piano;

3. Genuine medium and low-grade digital piano, with piano appearance, with dynamic keyboard (with or without counterweight), feel close to the weight of the piano, but feel different (because there is no stringer), with piano timbre (imported or domestic sound source), price 2000-5000 yuan. This kind of piano has good, you can buy.

4. Genuine high-grade digital piano, with piano appearance, realistic feel, high-quality timbre, price in 6000-20000 yuan, than the same price of domestic real steel timbre, intonation are better, but because there is no structure, so the feel is different from real steel. This kind of piano is very good, worth buying.

5. Low grade digital piano, with the appearance of electronic piano or similar piano, poor touch, poor timbre, price 4000-8000 yuan. This kind of piano can't be bought. Funny is, a Japanese famous brand electric steel, actually does not have the "sound making" function, no matter short play or long press, the pronunciation length is the same!

6. The middle and high grade digital piano has the appearance of an electronic piano or piano. I have never tried the handle or heard the timbre. The price is generally more than 6000 yuan.

2、 If it is to consider the temporary practice, equipment requirements are not high, and investment needs to be saved, then Category 3 and category 4 are the appropriate choice. For beginners, category 3 (domestic genuine middle and low-grade) should be the first choice, because it has high cost performance, and the feel and timbre can meet the needs of beginners.

Inspection aspect

The third category is the category of "containing treasure", but it is also the category of "mixed fish and Dragons". Therefore, careful screening should be carried out when selecting


Digital piano

The keyboard feel that the electric steel keyboard is generally lighter than the real steel keyboard, and there is no way to do it.However, some electric steel has no balance weight or weight. This is absolutely impossible to buy.To buy, you buy a good balance.The 8812 and 8826 are two delegates. The 8812 keyboard is lighter and more like an electronic organ; 8826 is much heavier and close to real steel.The electric steel at this price level generally does not have an analogy to the string machine structure, so it is impossible to have a real steel response curve, as long as the weight can satisfy the demand.

2. The resolution of the force response: Obviously, the higher the resolution, the more delicate the response, the more it helps to perform meticulous force changes.This point can only be felt when it is actually played, and the advertisement is useless.Some inferior violin is simply a response to the electronic organ. The very light and the most accented difference is very small, and it is actually still taking charge steel! I feel good for it: Aim Fei 8826, Zhijia ZDP84M.

3. Sonic: There's a lot of attention in here.Some of the piano's got 100 or even 200 sonic colors, but what is it?!.....................................There are only six, eight, and ten kinds of harmonica, which are often more expensive than 100 kinds of harmonica, because it is the true piano sound, the sound of the piano that is picked up from the grand trigonometry, the PCM coding.and the inferior sound source is actually the sound of electronic organ sound source and electronic synthesis.

4. Features: Remember, one penny of the goods.I definitely chose to have fewer functions at the same price.Some fancy functions, when you buy it, are very active, but after you buy it, you will find it is useless at all.A merchant is not a fool, and it is not possible to sell products that are functional and inexpensive.Therefore, you should not try to deceive and try your luck. You must firmly believe that the purchase function is small and refined.

Price problems

As we all know, the profits of musical instruments are relatively high, and the merchants all like to run the products that are produced in the distance, and the price is not transparent, so that you don't have the means to explore prices.My conclusion is that a retail price of 4,000 yuan is sold at a retail price of about 3,000 yuan, and the ex-factory price is about 2,000 yuan.Well?Surprise!This is the market situation, not you and me.The price is almost accepted. There is nothing to discuss.The thing about "buying and selling" is Zhou Yu hitting the yellow cover.


PX-100, PX-300, PX-500L distribute wooden harmonica and sound pedals.

New digital piano style

[The rhyme] digital piano so that everyone who owns it can experience the fun of playing.Fashion, ingenious, and pricing is the same. It has been carefully designed and manufactured, and its professional sound quality and keyboard touch have brought you the experience of professional piano playing.Many, many, make [the rhyme] a model for a new generation of digital piano.

Strong function, small structure

High quality, multiple timiconic, overlapping, and partitioning features

Not only does he provide professional piano, he is also equipped with brass, string, and a variety of other sounds.

The overlapping function can play two kinds of phonemical colors at the same time, while the split function can split the keyboard into two parts, and play two different timels.

Recording and playing functions

Digital piano

The recorded music will then be replayed to make the exercise and composition effective.

The metrona can adjust the speed and rhythm of the metroner to make the perfect tool for learning and practice.

Digital Effects

It can strengthen the sound effect and make the piano sound rich and thick.

Automatic accompaniment

The automatic accompaniment function is played by beginners like a professional performer.

Choose the most suitable device mode

[The rhyme] can be used as a separate tripod for the convenience of practice and performance.The volume of the foot rest is small and it is convenient to be placed.

The quality of the music, the perfect sound quality and keyboard touch, make your fingertips feel like a professional playing level.

Kawai ES-110數碼鋼琴

The new piano sound.

The new sound source is equipped with a sample of vivid sounds, which is a perfect and rich sound quality for us by playing the piano timbre of the classical recital.The double-element timologe system is designed with different strengths and strength to provide the sound color which is comparable to the playing level of the piano master. It is amazing.

Incremental batching keyboard


The non-spring-loaded gavel system is modeled on the grand piano, and the keys are solid.

The force is designed to emulate the big piano, and to play the high bass with different strengths. For example, when playing the treble, the touch key is lighter and the touch key is heavier when playing the bass.

Every design and manufacture that rhymes is the sound and feel of the great pursuit of professional piano.

of the charm.


Currently minimal (in depth), lightest products, carry placement anytime, anywhere

It is a small, lightweight combination of 278 mm deep and 12.5 kg in size, convenient to move and put in place.


1. Piano built-in speaker, 88-key, batlet-type device, in body count only (according to CWestern Europe Computer, August 2003)

2.PX-500L Model heavy 13.0 kg

The PX-300 is a powerful feature supporting stage playing and computer music models

Model: PX-100; PX-300; PX-500L (each separated by semicolon)

Keyboard: 88; 88; 88

strength key: 3 level (on/off); 3 level (on/off); 3 level (on/off)

hammers: ●; ● ●

Light keys: ---;

Maximum luminous number: ---; --- 10

Number of revoices: 32; 32; 32

Sonic: 8; 15 + 15 + 128GM + 10D; 15 + 15 + 128GM + 10D

Digital sound: echoing (4) chorus (4) chorus (4); reverb (4) chorus (4)

metronor: ●; ●;

Rhythm: 20; 120; 120

accompaniment volume: adjustable; adjustable; adjustable

The music library: 30; 25; 80

Exercise features: Easy, standard exercise (left hand alone practice), hands practice

Recording function: 2 tracks (5200 notes); 2 tracks (5200 notes); 2 tracks (5200 notes)

pedal: ●; ● ●

tone: ●; ● ●

Redeployment: ●; ●

MIDI: 16-track; 16-track GM Standard; 16-track GM Standard

Power supply: AD-12

Weight: 13kg


(1) The piano is placed on a hard floor and is placed to a level, and each wheel must be fully grounded.(2) Because 80 % of the piano is made of wood, the wall should be 8-10 cm away from the wall when placed, and the window placement will be adversely affected by the outdoor sunlight, which is directly due to the direct sunlight and changes in temperature.

(3) The piano is to be far away from the heat sources such as the radiator and heater so as not to hurt the external and internal components of the piano, causing the tone and the sound quality to decrease.Therefore, the damage to the piano by radiation and hot air should be avoided.

(4) proper temperature and humidity, good ventilation environment is necessary for piano to perform performance performance and best acoustic quality.In general, the relative humidity is 40-70 %; the temperature is preferably 20-25 degrees centigrade, which is ideal.Certain interior components of the piano, such as wood, velvet, felt and so on, are extremely sensitive to the environmental impact, and can be damaged slightly.

(5) the precise density of the chord mechanism is made of velvet, felt, leather and wood, and the allowable error is limited to 1/100mm.These artifacts are sensitive to changes in humidity, which causes high humidity to slow the movement of the string machine, the sound of the music, the rust of the metal, and the malfunctioning of the key.

(6) Dealers will remind you of how to maintain it for local climate conditions.Usually, in cloudy or rainy weather, please be sure to turn off all the windows of the house.When playing the piano, it is important to fit the guitar cover.The dark and humid environment can cover the water in the air to prevent water from being immersed in the air, but in sunny weather, the cover is dried in time.

Kawai ES-8(ES-7代替版)數碼鋼琴

Digital piano

(7) Please place the piano in a place with good acoustics.If all the voices in one room are concentrated at one point, it is easy to produce sound hysteresis and echoes.In order to make the sound of the music beautiful and full, it is best to place the piano in a room where the sound can be evenly distributed.

(8) The placement of heavy objects on the top cover of the piano causes the resonance to produce murmur, and the top cover will deform.In addition to music scores and metronas, no object is placed on the piano top cover.

(9) The piano is more inadvisable to vibrate so as not to cause sound and part bias.

(10) The interior of the piano cannot be immersed in water, otherwise it can cause the metal piece to rust and the distortion of the string machine to deform.


(11) Dust can affect the movement flexibility of the stringer system and produce noise. Users are diligent in sweeping the dust from the piano with a soft cloth or feather, and wipe the piano case with a soft cloth, but do not use acetone and methanol to wipe the piano. Bright lacquer surface should be cleaned with wax liquid. The matte paint surface should be cleaned with ethanol (alcohol) and never polished with liquid.

(12) Always check the interior of the piano for pest protection, and check for termites. Mothballs can be placed inside the piano, but do not use insecticides.

(13) Regularly wipe the keyboard with a dry soft cloth and do not use a washing agent containing alcohol to prevent the bond from bursting. If there is a smudge on the button, the cloth may be wiped off with a little soapy water, but the case cannot be wiped in the same way. Be careful to cultivate the habit of playing the piano with clean fingers to keep the keyboard clean for a long time. The nails cannot be too long to cause scratches on the keys.

(14) In addition to maintaining the best performance, a good piano must be regularly tuned once or twice a year. If it is not tuned for too long, it may cause permanent wear and tear of the parts or affect the structure of the strings by increasing tension during the next tuning.

(15) After the use of the piano for two to three years, contact the professional maintenance technician as the cleaning of the interior, depending on the cleanliness of the interior, otherwise the dust inside the piano will affect the tone of the piano, clean up the dust and avoid the conditions under which the borer grows.

(16) The interior structure of the piano is complex and must be maintained by professional piano technicians.

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