(Out-of-the-box review) Roland Aerophone AE-10, Redefining Pipe Instruments! Can be muted color taxi wind

The Aerophone AE-10 is a full-digital blowtorch instrument with advanced sensor technology for very expressive sound.




With Roland's SuperNATURAL engine, you can provide a variety of saxophone sounds with a real response and playing feel.There are also many other traditional instrument sounds built in, as well as many synthetic sounds optimized for breathing control.The Aerophone AE-10 can be played with traditional saxophone fingering, and a saxophonist can pick it up and play it.


The AE-10's fingering and playing style are done in accordance with traditional saxophone, so saxophonists can start playing without much effort.Using sensors to sense breathing can make very delicate emotional changes.

Built-in bass, midtones, treble saxophone tones, as well as clarinets, flutes, English tubes, large, violin and other traditional instruments, can even play the chords of multiple instruments at the same time.


The AE-10 can be powered by six No. 5 batteries, with a horn that can hear the sound of the play directly, and can practice quietly if connected by headphones.There is also an external input interface that connects to the player and can be practiced with accompaniment.

The AE-10 also has a USB interface, which is connected to the computer and then acts as a MIDI instrument to play other sources in the computer, playing the sound expressiveness that MIDI keys cannot get.


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  • Christopher Lee says...

    Need detail information on how many instrumental sounds it can play. Send me an email if you know and thanks in advance.

    October 09, 2016

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