[Unpacking Evaluation] Roland FP-30 Digital Piano Unpacking

Some time ago, I didn't feel like playing the electronic organ, so I started to use the electric piano. As soon as Roland's FP30 came on the market, I bought one immediately. Just arrived today, send unboxing pictures for everyone's entertainment! ! ! In the box delivered by the courier, the biggest one below is the main piano. The above two are stools and accessories sent by the seller! ! !

out of the box. Still holding the pipa half covering the face! ! !

Put it on the shelf, the white piano is like a work of art

PHA-4 Standard keyboard. The gap is uniform, the keys are crisp, the rebound is crisp and powerful, and the hand feel is first-class (I feel that the hand feel is a few streets away from my previous CTK-6300 electronic organ)! ! !

The functional key area of the piano, the transparent acrylic with the white body, is like a star in the sky when lit! ! !

White music stand, placed securely. If it is transparent, it will be more attractive~~~

Close-up of the interface, the back is the pedal, power supply and USB. Not to mention the work! ! !

This time out of the box to write here. Really feel and CTK-6300 is not a product of the same grade. It's way too high.
I'll upload the test recording later. I'll record a video for everyone to see when I'm fine
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Marco 你好!這是琴的Size: (1300 × 284 × 150 mm), 包裝盒大約是 1350 × 290 × 200mm

Flight Music

Thank you!!


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