((Roland digital piano comparison)) HP603 DP603 HP605 LX7 LX17 What's the difference

Roland digital piano comparison keyboard system differences HP603 DP603 HP605 LX7 LX17 What is the difference

[New] Roland DP603 Electric Piano

Thank you Mr. Wu for buying Roland DP603 with us

Today, let’s talk about high-end digital pianos.
DP603 is also a wooden keyboard,
(CA17, CLP645, DP603)
Most often used to be compared together,
In fact, I think that Roland's product is the highest is to buy DP603.

Roland’s wooden keyboard electric piano,
What is the difference with DP603 HP603 HP605 LX7 LX17 Kiyola GP-607?
All, part, all, one, model, one , one kind!

The keyboard stringing system of DP603, the name is PHA50
PHA50 is currently Roland’s highest-end keyboard,
More expensive models will not have a better keyboard than PHA50,
More than 60,000 DP603, to more than 40,000 LX17, and even 60,000 V-Piano
All use PHA50, the same keyboard.

And the digital functions are exactly the same.

in other words:
It just changed the appearance, shape, paint, and increased the wattage of the speaker.
The most important nature of the keyboard system has not been improved,
Then why do you have to spend more money to buy higher-end products?
DP603 already represents everything!

Other high-end products are selling packaging, as well as the size of the speaker, (can you buy a better one by yourself)

What can I recommend for LX17?
If the keyboard feel does not improve,
I spent an extra 30,000 yuan to get a beautiful piano paint shell,
There are also higher-wattage speakers.
(That’s it? Just buy a better speaker for external connection)

So I think Roland's products are the highest as long as you buy DP603.

This is not the case for the other two brands that specialize in pianos.

KAWAI and YAMAHA, in every price range, provide different grades,

KAWAI’s wooden keyboard system includes:
RM3, GF2,
There is also Hybrid NV10 (a complete grand piano stringer)

YAMAHA’s wooden keyboard system includes:
NWX, GrandTouch,
There is also Hybrid NU1 (a complete upright piano stringer)
And Hybrid's N1~N3X (complete grand piano stringer)

I will introduce when I have time later,
What is the difference between "highest-end electric pianos" and ordinary high-end electric pianos?

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  • Shuk Yu Tang says...

    請問Yamaha clp685幾多錢?

    May 17, 2020

  • Flight Music says...

    李太:你好,dp603 $17,980. 是木製key, 手感會比casio px-s1000好。

    May 23, 2019

  • 李太 says...

    預算不多,買Casio PX S1000好嗎?

    May 23, 2019

  • 李太 says...

    Casio PX S1000好嗎?

    May 23, 2019

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