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Due to the recent arrival of many new products, the editor of Sheng has come up with an unboxing article for your reference! Today I want to introduce the Roland RP-102 electric piano. It’s inevitable to take a photo of a cardboard box...

It seems that it is not in the mirror (it should be at the very edge, because there are too many boxes...), so the next article will probably be the FP-60 unboxing article! !

The outer box is basically a little smaller than the RP302. It feels obviously smaller, so we will skip the unboxing and assembly.

(Why? Because the editor is a professional, this step is very fast ~ it is completed as soon as the next line).

It's faster to look at the entity directly.

After installing it, it feels like it's not that small... But the editor likes this black color very much. You can call it matte black, matte black, or obsidian black (who invented it?), and it doesn't have any wood grain at all (sleek).

It has the same slide-type design. Have you noticed that the Roland logo has become silver? This kind of black is actually less afraid of scratches (the scratches won’t be too obvious).

From the front, the function keys are all on the left side (only four buttons??), there are none at all on the front, and the height of the back panel has become lower.

It is really very simple, but in fact there are many functions, they are just hidden keys sitting inside the keys (Function + a certain key = a specific function switch).

If you think it's too troublesome to memorize function keys like this, you sometimes have to read the manual and directly connect to Bluetooth to open the app of your piano partner 2. You can still operate all the functions, and there are more sounds? ?

Here is a beautiful photo of a three-note pedal. It supports half pedaling (which allows for more timbral expressions), and the middle pedal is also designed to imitate the sustain of some keys of a grand piano (not damper).

Let me summarize, the RP-102 only has 11 timbres in total, but after connecting to Bluetooth, the timbres will become more numerous, and the operation can also be started directly on the app. It also has more automatic accompaniment and automatic chord functions. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to use it with the app to maximize the functions of this piano.

The RP-102 uses Roland 4th generation keys. The weight and rebound speed are actually very good keys.

Tone is of course the core technology of Roland. The appearance is designed like a home-type electric piano.

In fact, it is still to protect the keys. Although the wattage of the speaker is only 6 watts, you don’t actually need to use it very loudly when practicing at home.

(And you may have to wear headphones to practice). At this price,

The editor thinks that RP-102 is a piano suitable for friends of all levels. It has good keys and good tone.

It’s interesting and looks good, so why not buy it?

This RP-102 must be the mainstream in the market in the coming year!

Stores display various brands of high-end electric pianos such as Roland / Casio / Yamaha / Korg / Kawai.

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