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Due to the recent arrival of a lot of new products, I have come to make an out-of-the-box article for your reference! Today I’m going to introduce the Roland RP-102 electric piano. It is inevitable to have a carton photo...

It seems that I haven't been in the mirror (it should be on the far side, because there are too many boxes...), so the next article should be the FP-60 unboxing article! !

Pieces~ The outer box is basically a little smaller than RP302, and it feels significantly smaller, so we just skip unpacking and assembling

(Why? Because the editor is professional, this step is very fast ~ it will be completed almost to the next line).

It's faster to look at the entity directly.

After installing it, it feels as if it is so small.... But this black editor likes it very much. You can call him fog black, matte black, obsidian black (who invented it?), without any wood grain (glossy).

The same is a sliding cover design. Have you noticed that the Roland logo has turned silver? This kind of black is actually less afraid of scratches (scratches will not be too obvious).

From the front, the function keys are all sitting on the left (there are only four keys??), the front is completely absent, and the height of the back panel is lowered.

It's really simple, but in fact there are no fewer functions, just the hidden keys sitting in the keys (Function + a certain key = a certain function switch).

If you find it too troublesome to memorize the function keys like this, sometimes you still need to read the manual. Connect to the Bluetooth and open the app of your piano partner 2. You can also operate all the functions, and there are more tones? ?

Here comes a beautiful photo of the three-tone pedal, which supports half pedaling (more tonal expressions can be made), and the middle pedal is still part of the key sustain of a grand piano (not a damper).

To sum up, the RP-102 has only 11 tones in total, but after connecting the Bluetooth, the tones will become more and more, and the operation can be directly turned on on the app, and it has more automatic accompaniment and automatic chord functions. , So it is strongly recommended to use it with the app to maximize the function of this piano.

The RP-102 uses Roland 4th generation keys. The weight and rebound speed are actually very good keys.

Tone color is of course the core of Roland’s technology. The appearance is designed as a household electric piano.

In fact, it is still to protect the keys. Although the horn has only 6 watts, it is actually not very loud for practice at home.

(And you may have to wear headphones to practice), if at this price point,

The editor thinks that RP-102 is a piano suitable for friends of all levels. It has good keys and good timbre,

It's interesting and good-looking, how can you not buy it?

This RP-102 must be the mainstream market in the coming year!

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