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Roland's latest home RP series electric piano RP102


Roland has been publishing new products these days, today's final day is a play, Roland proud of the electric piano, first of all to see the RP102 and RP302 in the end where the difference!


On the left is RP102 and on the right is RP302

RP102 product features:

  • High-quality piano tones and electric pianos with built-in learning systems are available on an affordable budget and space
  • Suitable for the use of pianos in the family's first elementary-school electro-piano or instrument line recording studio and in the school's music classroom
  • Built-in Bluetooth wirelessly connects your phone or computer
  • The exclusive Roland Piano Partner 2 app offers more uses for educational entertainment as well as performances
  • Roland's tone core SuperNATURAL Piano technology delivers more realistic piano tones and reactions
  • Equipped with PHA-4 keys, it provides precise key touch and expression on the play
  • Metallic three-tone pedals give you the same feel as traditional piano pedals
  • Built-in more than 200 classical tracks and famous songs make your practice more perfect
  • The modern electric piano design allows you to tune and maintain the piano without having to spend money every year
  • The blackened look makes you look more like a traditional piano

Home-type electric piano is the main can be suitable for a variety of space placement with the weight of the keys and tone

The new RP102 electric piano does not take up space but also slide cover design (protection keys), panel operation moved to the left simpler operation, blue bud design is mainly to match Roland's piano partner 2 this app, so that the operation is more convenient and more interesting, the source is of course Roland's SuperNATURAL Piano technology, built-in teaching tracks with score, make learning piano more convenient.

Suitable for all kinds of children who have just learned the piano, a degree of friends, more suitable for parents.

  1. Suitable for children who have just learned the piano: PHA-4 keys in the market enjoy a high degree of visibility (look at the degree of FP-30 sales), simple operation suitable for children, sound is also good.
  2. Suitable for the average person or someone of a degree: no space appearance can also be practiced with headphones and roland's well-known tone technology, blue bud app also increases the fun of the exercise (perfect).
  3. Suitable for parents: cheap and simple operation appearance is also beautiful, the keys good tone and good, the focus is... Can also Bluetooth recording yes - directly with the mobile phone recorded to hand in homework to the piano teacher (must buy).

To illustrate, the difference between RP102 and RP302 is:

  • The tone core is the same as SuperNATURAL Piano technology (Roland's tone) (same)
  • Keys have been upgraded to PHA-4 (commonly known as 4 generation keys)
  • The operator panel is more simplified, there is no screen and the operator panel becomes on the left (so all functions have to be operated on the keys, a bit of a hassle)
  • The maximum number of overtones is 128, and the number of piano tones is reduced (4 traditional piano tones, 11 other tones)
  • Key five force channels optional (same)
  • Bluetooth function (only action app and page turn) (RP302 no Bluetooth)
  • The horns are both 12 centimeters, but the force becomes 6 watts (smaller)
  • The three-tone pedal is the same pedal as the FP30 (silver) and the back plate is reduced

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