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Roland Announces the Newest Home RP Series Electric Piano RP102

Roland has been releasing new products these days. Today, the last day of the announcement is the highlight. Roland is proud of the electric piano. First of all, let's take a look at the difference between this RP102 and the RP302!

RP102 on the left, RP302 on the right

RP102 product features:

  • An electric piano with a high-quality piano sound and a built-in learning system at an affordable budget and space
  • Suitable for the first beginner electric piano at home or for use in musical instrument studios and school music classrooms
  • Built-in Bluetooth for wireless connection to mobile phones or computers
  • The exclusive Roland Piano Partner 2 app provides more uses in education, entertainment and performance
  • Roland's tone-core SuperNATURAL Piano technology provides a more realistic piano tone and response
  • Equipped with PHA-4 keys, providing precise key touch and expression on playing
  • Metallic three-tone pedals give you the same feel as a traditional piano pedal
  • Built-in more than 200 classical songs and famous songs to make your practice more perfect
  • The modern electric piano design saves you having to spend money on tuning and maintenance every year
  • The matte black finish makes you look more like a traditional piano

The main feature of the home electric piano is that it can be placed in various spaces, the weight of the keys and the tone.

The new RP102 electric piano does not take up space and has a sliding cover design (to protect the keys), and the panel operation is moved to the left for easier operation. The bluetooth design is mainly used with Roland's piano partner 2 app, which makes the operation more convenient and more convenient. To increase the fun, the sound source is of course Roland's SuperNATURAL Piano technology. There are built-in teaching songs and music scores to make piano learning more convenient.

It is suitable for all kinds of children who are just learning the piano, friends with a certain degree, and more suitable for parents.

  1. Suitable for children who are just learning the piano: PHA-4 keys enjoy a high reputation in the market (you can see how popular the FP-30 is), the operation is simple and suitable for children, and the sound is also good.
  2. Suitable for ordinary people or people with a degree: the appearance does not take up space and can be used with headphones to practice with Roland's well-known sound technology, and the bluetooth app also increases the fun of practice (perfect).
  3. Suitable for parents: It is cheap, easy to operate, and beautiful in appearance. The keys are good and the tone is great. The point is... You can also record with bluetooth. You can record it directly with your mobile phone and send it to the piano teacher (must buy).

Let me explain, the difference between RP102 and RP302 is:

  • The core of the sound is the same as SuperNATURAL Piano technology (Roland's sound) (same)
  • The keys have been upgraded to PHA-4 (commonly known as 4th generation keys)
  • The operation panel is more simplified, there is no screen and the operation panel becomes the left side (so all functions have to be operated on the keys, which is a bit cumbersome)
  • The maximum number of overlaid sounds is 128, but the number of piano sounds is reduced (4 traditional piano sounds and 11 other sounds)
  • Five key strengths are optional (same)
  • With bluetooth function (can only operate app and turn pages) (RP302 has no bluetooth)
  • The speakers are all 12 cm long, but the output becomes 6 watts (smaller)
  • The three-tone pedal is the same pedal (silver) as the FP30, with a reduced back plate

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