【Review and Comparison】Yamaha P125 vs Roland FP-30x vs Ena FS-210 Digital Piano

Yamaha P125 vs Roland FP-30x vs Ena FS-210

It is the three best-selling entry-level digital pianos on the market. This article makes a comparison from the following five aspects:

  1. feel
  2. sound output
  3. Portability
  4. Electronic function
  5. Price

keyboard performance comparison

In terms of internal structure

All three use the heavy hammer technology to touch the striking feel of the simulated piano with the most primitive principle of the tribute rod.

In terms of appearance and texture

Yamaha P125 uses reflective rubber keys,

The FP-30x and Ena FS-210 quality uses a non-slip ivory key feel.

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Different sound output

The Yamaha P125 uses a 7W output, which is slightly insufficient.

Roland FP-30 uses 11w, which is sufficient for indoor use.

Ena FS-210 also uses a 25W speaker, which is usually enough for indoor playing with a volume of about 30%. If the volume is higher than 80%, it will be very loud, affecting upstairs and downstairs.

Different techniques for sound sampling

The Pure CF of the Yamaha P125 uses samples from the world-renowned Yamaha CFlll 9'Concert Grand. Each note is recorded multiple times at different velocity levels to reproduce the richness and dynamic range of traditional instruments, using 4 layers of sampling to produce more Smooth and dynamic sound. In layman's terms, it is to record multiple layers of samples with different dynamics, and then play the corresponding sound according to how hard the keys are struck.

The Roland FP-30x uses SuperNATURAL modeling technology, which takes full-length samples of an acoustic piano, and uses modeling technology to generate unused samples and record them, and then release them smoothly through speed and velocity.

Ena FS-210 adopts Dreampure sound source, the chip is Dream processor made by French acoustic factory.Featuring an acoustic piano engine, it recreates the richness and dynamic range of traditional instruments.

Different polyphony between P125 and FP-30

Polyphony refers to the number of notes an electric piano can produce simultaneously. The Ena FS-210, Roland FP-30 have 128-note polyphony, while the Yamaha P125 has 192-note polyphony.

Portability Comparison

Portability is one of the important considerations for Hong Kong people.

In terms of body size, the Ena FS-210 is the least bulky, the Yamaha Size is the largest, and the lightest.

Electronic feature comparison

Bluetooth connection function

The P125 does not have a Bluetooth connection.

The FP-30 and ENA FS-210 have Bluetooth connectivity to connect to a variety of smart devices without cables.

price comparison

Among the three, the Roland FP-30x made in Malaysia is the highest and the cheapest is Ena's FS-210.

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