Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX4 DJ controller (Hong Kong review)

When discussing digital DJ equipment, Pioneer DJ products are always mentioned. With the continuous development of the digital DJ market, Pioneer DJ has launched a new generation of entry-level DJ controller: DDJ-FLX4. This product not only inherits the excellent pedigree of its predecessor, the DDJ-400, but also adds new features to make it more suitable for the needs of contemporary DJs. This article will evaluate it from a scientific perspective to understand whether DDJ-FLX4 is worth a try.

"Smart Fader" function

First of all, DDJ-FLX4 has made innovations in functions, the most significant of which is the "Smart Fader" function. Smart Fader offers beginner DJs an option to simplify the mixing process,

Let them automatically adjust elements such as BPM, volume and bass through Crossfader.

This not only relieves novices from the burden of beat matching and volume control, but also allows them to enter the actual performance session more quickly.

Multi-platform support

Another improvement of DDJ-FLX4 is its multi-platform support.

This controller not only supports Rekordbox DJ, but also Serato DJ lite

This provides users with more software options, and can provide corresponding solutions whether it is personal preferences or usage needs in different situations. This design is also more convenient for the production line, as there is no need to produce hardware versions specifically for different software.

Connect via Bluetooth

From the perspective of connectivity, DDJ-FLX4 is also innovative. It can connect via Bluetooth, which provides more flexibility and convenience for mobile DJs. Moreover, with the launch of the mobile device version of Rekordbox DJ, the wireless connection function of DDJ-FLX4 will further highlight its portability advantage.

USB transfer

Another noteworthy design feature is the ability to transfer microphone sound to your computer via USB. This gives DJs more flexibility when creating podcasts or live streaming. At the same time, the "mono/stereo" switch on the back of the device also provides users with more audio output options.

Appearance design of DDJ-400

In terms of appearance, DDJ-FLX4 inherits the appearance design of DDJ-400. For those who like the appearance of the DDJ-400 but are looking forward to new features, the DDJ-FLX4 may be able to meet their needs.

Based on the above analysis, DDJ-FLX4, as an entry-level controller designed to meet the needs of modern DJs, has undoubtedly innovated and improved in many aspects.

It not only provides new mixing auxiliary functions, but is also compatible with more DJ software

And provides more choices in connection methods. These features make the DDJ-FLX4 a versatile device suitable for DJs of all levels.

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