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Roland BA-330 Portable Speaker

Roland BA-330 Portable Speaker

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Stereo Portable Amplifier Portable PA Speaker

High-quality, high-performance, all-in-one mixer and effects!

Powered by battery or external power, the BA-330 delivers high-quality, powerful sound despite its compact size. A venue with a scale of 80 people, it is enough!
Its digital stereo amplifier drives 4 x 6.5" stereo speakers and 2 tweeters, suitable for a variety of occasions. BA-330 is an "all-in-one" portable PA system, whether small concerts, worship events, conferences, Events such as seminars or trade fairs conferences can do the trick!
  • All-in-one portable digital PA system for every occasion
  • Powerful and high-quality stereo sound, which can be used for live performances of up to 80 people
  • No setup required, just plug in the instrument and perform right away!
  • Can be powered by 8 AA batteries or a transformer
  • 4 6.5-inch speakers and 2 tweeters are specially configured with an angle, which can express a wider stereo effect
  • Built-in effects: equalizer, reverb, delay and wide (each channel can be turned on/off independently)
  • 4-channel configuration: 2 channels for mic/instrument, plus 2 channels for stereo input audio
  • Stereo aux input with dedicated volume control knob
  • Anti-Feedback function of advanced intelligence
  • Built-in tilt stand can be set for optimal monitoring angle
  • Can be attached to standard speaker stands

Advanced anti-feedback function (Anti-Feedback)

If you've ever encountered embarrassing feedback sounds on stage, try the BA-330, which uses Roland's advanced Anti-Feedback technology. With a simple switch, the BA-330 can automatically detect howling points and eliminate feedback.

Built-in effects

The BA-330 has three built-in high-quality effects: Reverb, Delay and Wide, and each channel can be turned on/off independently. There are also 2-band equalizers that provide per-channel sound control.

Supports multiple input types

The BA-330 can be connected to instruments, microphones, and music playback equipment at the same time, the panel's convenient controls can instantly adjust the mix, 2 mono channels can be used for mic or audio connected instruments (XLR and 1/4" terminals), Two stereo channels can be connected to stereo instruments (1/4" L/R terminals), and one stereo auxiliary input channel can be used to connect CD players and other equipment (RCA and TRS terminals).

Stereo Link

The BA-330's Stereo Link allows you to connect two BA-330s, providing twice as many input channels, and can be placed on both sides of the stage for a more overwhelming sound transmission. strength.

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