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TAMA RM52KH6 Drums

TAMA RM52KH6 Drums

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Included in the price: German brand MENIL BCS cymbals

(Includes: 14" HIHAT X2 ,16"CRASH, 18"CRASH, German brand )

Brand: TAMA

Model: RM52KH6

Applicable object: home teaching

Applicable age: 14 years old and above

Color classification: WR wine red WH white BK black

Color: Bright Black Burgundy Pearlescent White

Number of drum pads: 5

Material: birch

Drum kit configuration:

16x22 bass drum

8x12 tom tom

9x13 tom tom

15x16 floor tom

5x14 snare drum

double tom

cymbal stand

Hi-hat stand

snare drum stand

step on the mallet

drum stool

Slant cymbal frame *1

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