(2021 Featured) YAMAHA EW-300 76-key Half-Gravity Key Chinese Version Electronic Piano Digital Piano


HK$2,988.00  HK$3,988.00

With diversified functions, powerful sound system, and wide-range 76-key velocity touch-sensitive keyboard, PSR-EW300 is the smartest choice for beginner piano learners.

  • 76 keys
  • 48 velocity-sensitive keyboards with the maximum number of simultaneous sounds
  • 574 high-quality tones made by better sound sampling technology
  • A larger body can produce a stronger and fuller stereo
  • Brand new reverb effect and main EQ (equalizer)
  • 165 automatic accompaniment styles
  • 150 different arpeggio types
  • Combine "Key Section Teaching" with other teaching functions
  • Two-player mode
  • Easy Song Book (Music Collection) is available for free download
  • USB TO HOST can do two-way MIDI and audio transmission
  • AUX IN terminal and melody suppressor

The wider the keyboard, the more types of music you can play

Using 76-key, wide-range velocity-sensitive keyboard playing, you can easily master more complex piano works.

    Touch key induction can show the most realistic music dynamics

    The stronger the playing force, the louder the volume; or the softer playing, the lower the volume. The touch-sensitive keyboard will faithfully reflect every detail of your performance, making your performance more musically expressive.


      The better the sound quality of the instrument, the more inspiration

      Yamaha has a proud history of making various musical instruments. The sound of these musical instruments is reproduced on the keyboard, which is more detailed and high-quality.

      PSR-EW300 has a library of 574 instrument sounds, allowing you to enjoy playing performances in various music types.

        001 Grand Piano

        007 Cool! Galaxy Electric Piano

        032 Dynamic Nylon Guitar

        070 Sweet! Tenor Sax

        095 Sweet! Flute

        107 Fargo

        Instant accompaniment background music

        165 automatic accompaniment styles provide instant accompaniment background music, and the accompaniment will change with the different chords you play.

          004 Happy8Beat

          006 ContemporaryRock

          041 EuroTrance

          082 BossaNova

          098 Salsa

          110 AfricanGospel


          "Key Section Teaching" and other introductory courses provide you with support in learning how to play

          "Key Section Teaching" is based on the teaching technology that Yamaha has shared over the years. Through a short periodical course, you will learn how to play a complete piece of music.

          To help you build the foundation and skills, the new "touch key learning" has revealed the mystery of learning to express the dynamics of music.

            Download the score of the built-in music

            Song Book (Music Collection) not only includes the scores of the built-in songs, but also provides tips for practice points and lively and interesting graphical explanations for various required playing skills.


            Adjust the sound with digital effects and main (EQ) equalizer

            12 new reverb effects add atmosphere to your performance, making it sound like you are in a concert hall, small club or cathedral. The chorus effect makes the sound more warm and wide. With the easy-to-operate master equalizer, you can get the best sound regardless of whether you are using headphones, built-in speakers, or connected to an external audio system.

              Reverb (Hall3) OFF

              Reverb (Hall3) ON

              Reverb (Cathedral) OFF

              Reverb (Cathedral) ON

              Arpeggio function allows you to easily perform complex phrases

              Choose from 150 arpeggio types. Then just press a single key, it will automatically play a rich phrase, making your performance sound like an expert!

                Play with a good partner

                The dual mode allows two people to play two parts of the same tone and interval at the same time. Hurry up and share the fun of four-handed play with your good friends and family!



                  Play along with your favorite music

                  Connect your portable music player to play your favorite music through the built-in speakers of the instrument. Playing along, it's like joining an orchestra and playing!

                    Connect your mobile device or computer

                    The USB TO HOST terminal socket allows you to connect to a computer or portable device to record high-quality audio without the need for an additional interface. There are also a variety of creative and educational iOS application programs available for download in the App Store.

                    *For the connection of iOS devices, please refer to "iPhone/iPad Connection Manual"


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