Franchise to join Feiteng Education

The ENA-style teaching system has cultivated nearly 100,000 students since 2007.

Reported by The Washington Mail (2022)

(Fast music brand from Hong Kong to the US, ENA by flightmusic is a bucking trend.)

Yahoo News (2022) Kong Feiteng Music is optimistic about the Chinese market - its ena expands online teaching courses in Taiwan-034817033.html

UnwireHK Interview (2021)

The Good Show TV Special (2020)

Four size options

MINI SIZE suitable for small funds, those interested in joining up shop. About 200 feet, 1-2 rooms.

The following costs do not include deposits such as rent.

STANDARD SIZE has not much capital, about 400 square feet, 2-3 rooms. Efficiency is more significant than MINI SIZE.

The following costs do not include deposits such as rent.

FULL SIZE has the highest performance, about 800-1000 feet, and is also the most stable size, with 3-4 rooms.

The following costs do not include deposits such as rent.

SUPER SIZE has the highest investment among the four , with a square foot of about 1500-2000 and 4-6 rooms.

The following costs do not include deposits such as rent.

Three management methods (estimated by MINI SIZE)

MINI BICYCLE (small bicycle), requires human stepping to move forward.

Franchisees need to receive training from the headquarters, manage the store by themselves, and be responsible for one of the tasks of homework tutoring/teaching the piano.

Working hours: 3-7 PM

Work includes management instructor, student appointment time, answer a customer call.

MOTOR-BIKE (electric bicycle)

Headquarters sent (part-time) hosting.

Hosting time: 3-7 PM

Hosted work includes director of tutoring for students, management supervisor, student appointment time, answer a customer call.

Affiliates are responsible for:

Receipt, including student's overpayment or cash, rent payment, business inspection at the store, etc.

AUTO-PILOT (Fully Autonomous Driving)

Headquarters sent (Full post) hosting, General Standard szie above only need to use this program.

Hosting time: 10-7 PM

Hosted work includes tutoring for students, teacher management, student appointment time, then listen to customer calls, store chores and so on.

Affiliates are responsible for:

Receipt, including student's overpayment or cash, rent payment, business inspection at the store, etc.

There are two ways to get customers:

(A) WALK IN customers, franchisees receive 100% of the profits, and do not have to notify headquarters.

(2) For the guest students recruited by the headquarters online, they will be assigned to the franchisees, and 50% of the introduction fee will be charged for the first month.

On the contrary, if the franchisee refers students to the headquarters, they can also charge 50% of the referral fee for the first month.

For those who are interested in joining, ENA does not have a Sales Team, and all inquiries are directly negotiated by the founder or management.

To ensure quality, we have a relatively strict selection of franchisees.

Only no more than 8% of applications will be successfully accepted.

The following information is updated at 12:00 every night,

The position that is being negotiated by franchisees is listed (application will be terminated soon)

The joined position is listed as (stop application)

New Territories

Yuen Long Fuda Plaza Shopping Mall

Tuen Mun Chi Lok (Closed application)

Tuen Mun Ying Fung area (no application)

Upstairs, Park Lane Plaza, Tuen Mun

Upstairs, Nan Fung Plaza, Tsuen Wan ( applications will be closed soon)

Po Lam Galleria (Closed application)

Tsuen Wan Waldo Centre

Tseung Kwan O Wai On Shopping Centre (applications will be closed soon)

Metropolis Plaza, Tseung Kwan O

Shatin Kingsweet Plaza (Application has stopped)

City One Shatin (Application has stopped)

Tai Wai Village (Application has stopped)

Ma On Shan Fu On Garden

Fanling Wing Fook Centre

Sheung Shui Lung Fung Garden

Sheung Shui Water Plaza

Tai Po Tsui Ping Garden


Lam Tin View Plaza (Closed application)

San Po Kong (Closed Application)

Festival Walk, Kowloon Tong (Application will be closed soon)

Eastmark Mall, Kowloon Bay (Closed application)

Amoy Plaza, Kowloon Bay (applications will be closed soon)

Tai Kok Tsui Fortune Building

Mercure Centre Cheung Sha Wan

Hung Hom Hung Hom Plaza (Closed Application)

Kowloon Bay Depot Plaza

Lam Tin Tak Tin Plaza (Closed application)


North Point City Garden (applications will be closed soon)

Upstairs in the area of Times Square, Causeway Bay

Shek Tong Tsui Wing Wah Building

Fuk Cheong House, Quarry Bay (applications closed)

Wanchai New Century Plaza (applications will be closed soon)

Sai Wan Ho Tai Cheung House

Kwai Chung Centre Shopping Mall

Fu Tor Loy Shopping Centre, Tai Kok Tsui

Tuen Mun Chak Fung Garden Shopping Centre

Kwun Tong Hiu Kwong Court area

TKO GATE, Tseung Kwan O

Tai Po, Tai Yuen Shopping Centre

Oi Man Plaza, Ho Man Tin

Yuen Long Tin Shui Plaza

Tung Chung Fu Tung Plaza

Chai Wan Hing Wah Plaza

No knowledge of academic education or music is required. We need quality partners, not playing pianists.

Joining resources and advantages

Leading brand

The ENA education system has been introduced to Hong Kong for more than 14 years and has cultivated more than 100,000 students. It is one of the courses with the highest market share in the music and academic education market in Hong Kong.

Education system advantages

The ENA system consists of three elements: tutoring, music, and buying and selling of musical instruments. Diversification meets the rigid needs of education in various districts, guarantees fixed income, and produces strong synergies .

Protective effects:

The three-track parallel ENA education system protects the off-season of tutoring during the summer music peak season.

In the off-season of music income at the beginning of school, the cold winter of music is protected.

Additive effect:

One-stop tutoring and music learning, and purchase of musical instruments. The same customer, triple revenue.

The teaching materials and methods of the Ena-style classroom are unique in the Hong Kong market. The student object is everyone, regardless of age, race, gender, and diversity, and can join immediately.

In the shortest time, the most students are served, just like a tea restaurant, which generates high cash flow with high efficiency.

Advertising advantage

Feiteng Group invests millions of Hong Kong dollars in marketing and advertising in Hong Kong every year,

Whether in search engines or social media, the traffic and conversion rates are the top 1 or 2 in the industry.

Including online and offline Marketing plans, cooperation with major media, stars, KOL cooperation.

large number of students

Ena-style classroom is one of the courses with the highest market share in the education market in Hong Kong. In Kowloon alone, hundreds of new students are admitted every month.

Simple and effective operating system

Ena-style classrooms provide franchisees with ample training both commercially and operationally. These include the collection system POS, student management system, tutor recruitment, online and offline advertising methods, and tax methods.

teacher training

ENA-style classrooms provide one-stop tutor training. The tutors responsible for the training are all honorary graduates from the Lancaster Music Department in the UK and have more than 14 years of local training experience.

Operator training

ENA -style education provides franchisees with business training.

The tutors all have an honorary bachelor's or master's degree from the business school, and have more than 14 years of local practical experience in music education and management.


In addition to the education system, ENA is also a world-renowned manufacturer of musical instruments. Joining the classroom can obtain product sales support, after-sales service, product introduction and use teaching.

Moreover, franchisees do not need to worry about the storage, transportation and maintenance of goods. This is all supported by Ena.

Business method (1)

Franchisees can choose to operate full-time or part-time. Transform from the dull work life and get back your attitude towards life.

Business method (2)

Franchisees can also choose to operate on a part-time basis, in addition to their own active income,

Generate more passive income to make your life more comfortable and prepare for future retirement.

Join process

1. After the team has a preliminary understanding of the franchisee's intention, they will meet with the franchisee for a meeting.

2. The team selects suitable franchisees for interview.

3. Sign a letter of intent and file a case for training and site selection.

4. Marketing planning and preparation for opening.

5. After opening, franchisees need to receive regular business training (free) to enhance practical experience.

Join conditions

Franchisees must meet the following conditions, otherwise they will not be considered:

1. No sexual criminal record, submit to ENA a certificate of no sexual criminal record issued by the Police Department.

2. The source of funds is not criminal or unpaid income. Proof of source of funds must be submitted if necessary.

3. Financial stability.

4. Those with good character and credit.

5. Students need to use the genuine teaching materials provided by ENA, or they can use other teaching materials in the market as supplementary use.

investment amount

Together with the franchise fee, the total cost is from HK$80,000 to HK$600,000 (according to the size of the store)

Like Ena's philosophy, we want everyone to have the opportunity to try it.

We will customize the plan according to the franchisee's intention, financial situation, etc.

Membership period: three years + three years = six years.

common problem

Q1. How much money do you earn every month?
A: With our past experience, start-up costs of about 1--2 years to recover.

Q2. What does the total cost of opening include?

A: The total cost of the above estimate includes all expenses.

Q3. After opening, how much is the monthly expenditure?

A: Please refer to the estimation above.

Q4. Can the location be designated by me?
A. The location is chosen by you and ENA together. The locations listed above are only partial. If their own homes or favorite places, to be sent ENA real investigation, will be charged $ 500 (each) prior inspection costs. If you join last, the fee is refundable.

Q5. Can I quit at any time?

A. Yes, but it is recommended that the business be conducted for at least one year.

Q6. Is there a guarantee to make money?

A. No, ENA will not share your profits, and there is no guarantee that you will not lose money.

Q7. I want to get rich quickly, is it OK to join ENA?

A. The education industry is a business that needs to be accumulated, stable but not a get-rich-quick method.

Q8. Are mentors and supervisors recruited and decided by me?

A. No, tutors and supervisors are selected and trained by ENA to ensure quality.

Q9. How many people are there for music tutors?

A. Music tutors have a 50:50 split account, no basic salary.

Q10. How many tutors and supervisors are there?

A. Part-time homework tutoring + supervisor labor (same person) is about $7500-9000. Working hours 3-7PM. Full-time is $15,000-$20,000, depending on experience and education.

Q11. Can I add my own courses into ENA?

A. Yes, additional courses such as painting, etc., fee schedules, leaflets, etc. need to be submitted in writing to ENA for review before opening.

Q12. Can you do other fields during the day and day?

A. The private education industry generally opens after school at 3:00 pm.

Q13. How to supervise tutors and supervisors? Can someone be replaced?

A. Our corporate culture hopes to encourage employees to work together in a positive way, and the reward commission is also the highest among the peers. However, if the employee violates the employee code, he will be given a verbal warning, a second written warning, and dismissal if the third written warning is invalid.

Q14. What is the student fee model?

A. Refer to

Q15. The source of teaching materials?

A. The teaching materials are mixed with ENA, Rock School and Royal Academy of Music.

Q16. Labor insurance? mpf?

A. Processed by ENA

Q17. Store insurance? Pay tax?

A. Referred by ENA.

Q18. Is the franchise fee a lump sum or an annual fee?

A. Every three years.

Q19. Are there any other fees?

A. There are only two fees, a one-off franchise fee, and a monthly brand monthly fee of $1500 - $4000 (depending on the size, please refer to the above estimate)

Q20. How to arrange after three years?

A. The franchisee has the right to renew the contract for another three years. We hope that after three years, one franchisee will become two, or the store scale will be upgraded. Those with outstanding performance or special talents will be invited to become partners.

All information provided above is based on estimates and is for reference only, and is not guaranteed to be absolutely correct. Franchisees know and understand that to join the franchise business, they must investigate the business and verify the business information by themselves, and all the information is for reference only.