[Guitar Course] Introductory Guitar Learning Class (Mong Kok Main Store)


Kelvin, SW Lee's Guitar Classes

Hello everyone, my name is Kelvin.

He studied music in Edinburgh during his secondary school days.

When I was in college, I studied Music Technology in Lancaster, England. My major was also guitar.

This began my career of more than 20 years.

What we think of the guitar

Learning guitar is a great way to get started with music.

As a father, his children also occasionally take international exams.

But music is supposed to be relaxing and joyful,

Interest and practice are the design principles of our classroom.

classroom atmosphere

Our students enjoy the atmosphere of class the most,

This is an online course, and AI cannot give it.

Since returning to Hong Kong in 2007 to join Flight Music, in the past 20 years,

We have successfully brought together a group of guitar enthusiasts and created a strong learning atmosphere.

Upper class position

The convenience of the location greatly affects the entire learning experience.

Our classroom is located at Flight Music Mong Kok Main Store,

Bank Center E2 exit cover,

9th floor, Bank of East Asia, Mongkok Building.

learning space

The upper room is comfortable and the space per person is comfortable.

Our prices have also been kept at a comfortable level,

I hope students can study in a stress-free environment.

Course Introduction

Guitar classes are conducted in an inter-class format.

Flight Music also offers one-to-one private guitar lessons.

Music courses from 2007 to present,

The cumulative number of old students has exceeded 100,000.

Attendance form

  • Different from traditional one-on-one guitar lessons, classes are conducted in the form of an orchestra
  • The class is lively and interesting, and you can learn from each other with new group members.
  • Add social value to the process of learning guitar.

About the guitar for church

  • If students do not have a guitar, they can borrow it during class or purchase it at Flight Music
  • If you already have a guitar, you can bring it to the first class for us to check, adjust the guitar neck, change strings, etc.
  • To ensure that the guitar can be used normally, the cost is about $100

Guitar teaching class, what did you learn?

  • After completing the course, students can generally play and sing basic pop songs
  • Master the application of chords, band coordination, etc.
  • Play a simple and commonly used ditty solo

Guitar class groups and tuition prices

Fixed class

  • $ 980/8 lessons/90min (two months)
  • Targeted at young students and classmates with stable schedules
  • Fixed time every week for eight consecutive weeks. If you are unable to attend, there will be no make-up session
  • The class start date is fixed, you have to wait for the class to start

Flexible class

  • $1480/12 lessons/90min (three months)
  • More class time options
  • Time can be adjusted flexibly
  • You can join immediately, no need to wait for new classes to start
  • One/two classes a week, you can make an appointment with the instructor
  • It takes three months to complete the course

Class size

  • 6 - 22 people
  • According to past experience, the actual average number of people is about 10 people

Guitar introductory class follow-up

  • After completing the course, students can choose to enroll in the intermediate orchestra
  • Or enroll in the guitar grading course at Trinity College Rock School

Guitar performance opportunities

  • Senior students with outstanding performance are invited to attend performances organized by Flight Music
  • Performed in various districts in Hong Kong, performed on stage at music festivals in Taiwan, Japan, Macau, Singapore and other places.

Guitar course start time

Monthly class start date and time,

Can be found in the class category ,

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Guitar teaching location

  • 9th Floor, Bank of East Asia Mongkok Building, 638-640 Nathan Road, Mongkok
  • Kelvin, SW Lee Classroom

Course network

  • Guitar Basics and History
  • Learn to read five-line notation, six-line notation, simplified notation, and CHORDS notation
  • Learn various time signatures such as: whole tone, 2 minutes, 4 minutes, 8 minutes, 16 minutes, 32nd notes, syncopation
  • Basic playing methods: pressing strings, hooking strings, rounding, sliding, vibrato, ring fingering, natural overtones, artificial overtones
  • Teach all popular wood guitar playing methods, such as various chord and fingerstyle pattern exercises
  • How to practice playing and singing by yourself
  • Test on playing techniques of various decorative tones
  • How to perform music in different eras, such as style and tone processing
  • Many interesting popular etudes (updated from time to time)
  • Learn exam repertoire, music analysis, scales and arpeggios for all levels
  • Practice methods and scoring techniques for SIGHT READING and AURAL TESTS at all levels
  • How to play chords solo

Student photo album

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