Piano Test Course

Piano Test Course

Feiteng’s piano courses are divided into exam courses and popular piano courses. Both focus on inspiration and interest.

In Feiteng’s piano courses, each instructor has a different set of systematic teaching methods, so as to make students of different ages, sexual orientations and goals,

In the most suitable learning system, to achieve the advantages of point-to-point teaching.

The teaching method of inspiration and interest is one of the most important elements in modern teaching methods.

The piano students cultivated by Feiteng have achieved excellent results in public examinations.

Classical piano class tuition :

One-person class (2 months): $2980 / 8 lessons / 60MIN

One-person class (4 months): $3980 / 16 lessons / 60MIN

Two persons (self group, 2 months): $1788 / 4 lessons / 60MIN (per person)

Two persons (self group, 4 months): $2388 / 8 lessons / 60MIN (per person)