Popular drum class, the effect of learning drums is obvious, and the drumming test course is set up

The purpose of the drumming course, mastering improvisation in 2 months:
✔The object of learning drums includes adults or children
✔After 2 months of completing the course, you can play it immediately, it can be different styles of music.
✔The course is developed and arranged by Feiteng Music (Hong Kong), and it is also the first innovative course on the market.
✔After completing the course, if you are interested in studying, you can apply for the middle class
✔You can also read and apply for the Rock School Drum Test
Children's band drums improvisation Play:
4-8 months, goals:
8-12 months, goals:
12-18 months, goals:

Class Dates :

  • Publish on Feiteng FB or IG
  • No supplementary class for multi-person classes

Instrument arrangement:

  • Musical instruments for free
  • The recommended electronic drum for practice is NUX DM1 $3988
  • Our bank also sells, 10% off for students

Basic course content:

2) Improvisation training
3) Singing and ear training
4) The use of anger and emotion
5) Correct grip skills (match and traditional grip)
6) Reading skills

7) Basic rhythm training for notation reading
8) Rhythm training for Rock and Pop
9) Drum stick mastery skills
10) Easy Song Ensemble
11) Advanced technique of reading spectrum
12) Funk Rhythm Training Rhythm Creation

13) Simple Double Bass Practice Triplets
14) 16 points control song ensemble
15) Tempo Mastery Skills
16) Drum Kit Knowledge
17) Understanding of various beats
18) Music theory knowledge
19) Technique skills