Impromptu pop piano + self-created song course

Course purpose:
✔Improvement piano + self-composed music course, mainly playing the piano .
✔After completing the course in 2 months, you can play the piano instantly, which can be a popular song or an original song made by yourself.
✔Curriculum The first multi-person learning system in Hong Kong has greatly reduced the cost of learning piano per person. The bank also has one-to-one courses
✔Coordinated hands, with Chord, improvisation without score, playing changes, self-playing and self-singing
✔ The course is developed and arranged by Feiteng Music (Hong Kong), and it is also the first innovative course in the market.
✔After completing the course, if you are interested in learning, you can apply to the middle class
✔Excellent student works, have the opportunity to promote on the music store website, facebook and other platforms with the second largest traffic in Hong Kong
Class time:
✔2 months | 16 sessions | 45min
✔1 time a week, 2 sessions in a row, that is, 1.5 hours
✔Hot-blooded youth group:
Tuition: $880 / 2 months
Number of people: 6-14
Age: 13-28 years old
✔Super piano category:
Tuition: $1380 / 2 months
Number of people: 4-14
Age: 13-100 year old
What is the difference between a passion piano class and a super piano class?
The content of the two is the same, they are both designed for novices, and for students who have never been in touch with music or piano.
The hot blood class is designed for young students or classmates with stable time.
  • Fix a time every week. For example, if Monday is selected, it will last once every Monday (45min x 2 = 1.5hr) for eight consecutive weeks. If you fail to attend, there will be no make-up.
  • The start date of each month is fixed, and the waiter must wait for the start of the class.
The Super Piano Class is designed for working people or classmates with unstable time.
  • You can choose two times per week, which are the first choice and the second choice.
  • For example, Monday (first choice) and Wednesday (second choice) are selected,
  • If you fail to attend on Monday, you can attend on Wednesday.
  • You can join immediately without waiting for the opening time.
  • The first class and second class time are also 45min x 2 = 1.5hr each time
Of course, students in the Super Piano Class can also attend Monday and Wednesday at the same time, but the course content is the same.

    Class date :

    • New classes will be announced on Feiteng Music FB or IG every month
    • There is no make-up hall for multi-person classes

    Class location :

    • Mong Kok Main School: 9th Floor, Bank of East Asia Mong Kok Building, 638-640 Nathan Road, Mong Kok
    • Rainbow Campus: Shop 124, Hongshi Building, Pingshi Village (1 minute from Exit A2 of Rainbow MTR)

      Musical instrument arrangement:

      • Free musical instruments in the class
      • Use Yamaha 61-key electronic keyboard for teaching
      • The recommended electronic keyboard is Yamaha E363 $1988
      • Our bank also sells

      (2018最新) YAMAHA PSR-E363 | 61key é›»å ç ´ keyboard

      Q: How to register

      -Whatsap ivan sir check the availability of courses

      Payment methods:

      - Online payment , support Payme / FPS / Visa / Master / AE online payment

      - Bank transfer , Whatsap deposit paper

      -Pay in person at the Mong Kok store

      Tutor qualifications :

      • CASH Hong Kong Composers and Writers Association Member
      • ABRSM Royal College of Music Grade 8 Piano
      • Trinity Grade 8 Guitar, Trinity College of Music, London, UK
      • ABRSM Royal Academy of Music Grade 8 Saxophone (Distinction)
      • ABRSM Royal College of Music Grade 8 Clarinet (Merit)
      • More than 15 years of full-time experience in teaching music and leading orchestras


        • The degree is valid for 2 months . After 2 months, the degree needs to be renewed or it will become invalid.
        • There is no make-up classroom for this course. The course lasts for 8 weeks and will not be transferred to other times due to individual student requirements.
        • This course will not change or customize the course content due to individual student requirements.
        • There is no refund for this course. Once paid, the system will keep your place. Please refer to the course website before enrolling.
        • This course is not designed for classical examinations. The course is for pop song teaching.
        • The price of this course is for one head position, excluding relatives, friends, and other positions.
        • The tuition fee of this course cannot be used to redeem other products or courses of our bank.
        • This course Dawang will make slight adjustments due to different class progress.
        • This clause will be clearly displayed before enrollment. Once enrolled , you will agree to the above terms.

        Course network:

        Lesson 1: Piano and song writing – What & How

        (a) Concept of pop piano, chord and scales
        (b) Improvisation, solo writing concept

        Lesson 2: Theory – Key & Note
        (a)Correlate the Keys with the Note C,A,G on the staff.
        (b) Rhythmic value of half, quarter notes and Rest.

        Lesson 3:
        Correlate note C,G,Am,F on the Staff
        Song "Canon in C"

        Lesson 4
        Time Signature 3/4, 4/4
        song "Ode to Joy, jingle bell"

        Lesson 5
        Corrlate note F# on the Staff
        G Major Scale
        song "Happy birthday to you"

        Lesson 6-7

        Song "Broad Sea and Sky"
        Play along with backing track
        Solo writing concept

        Lesson 8-9
        Song "Fairy Tale"
        High tone notes
        Writing song melody

        Lesson 10-11
        Song "Over the rainbow" in C major
        Major and minor key signature
        Chord structure,chord progressions in song writing

        Lesson 12-13
        Song "Fly me to the moon" in C major
        Writing solo for songs

        Lesson 14-15
        Write your own song
        Composing melody with chord progressions

        Lesson 16